Madison City Schools Issue Resolution Denouncing Common Core Attacks

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – The Madison Board of Education held a special called meeting Friday morning and passed a resolution to denounce legislative attempts to repeal or unravel Common Core educational standards most states are implementing to raise educational standards, including Alabama.

The school board condemned any new “compromise” bill that would essentially freeze the process of phasing in subjects.

Madison started the Common Core math standards two years ago and this year, the schools began the English and Language Arts standards.

The board also opposes any compromise moratorium legislation that would allow local school districts to “opt-out” of the standards, and would place a moratorium on adoption of additional standards until 2017.

The resolution from Madison says both legislative measures undermine local school systems’ ability to prepare students for careers.  The board urges all members of the state senate, especially senators in Madison County’s legislative delegation, to oppose both measures.

Dr. Dee Fowler, Madison’s Superintendent, said Madison students are making great strides under the more rigorous standards.  He spoke in detail this week with WHNT News 19 about why he supports Common Core, as part of our weekly Leadership Perspectives segment. He also said he supports how Madison is implementing the standards.

“We’re very concerned about the repeal of the Common Core standards in the state of Alabama,” said Fowler. “This is a more rigorous curriculum, and we welcome, and I think most of our parents welcome, a more rigorous curriculum.”

Read more about Dr. Fowler’s comments on Common Core.

Board Chairman Ray White missed the meeting because of work conflict, but issued the following statement:

“A rigorous curriculum is vital to preparing our kids to compete globally. That is why our local business leadership and military leadership are also strongly supportive of ACCRS. In our school system and many other school districts around the state, we have made tremendous strides over the past decade with our curriculum and instruction. One of the key reasons Madison gets results like half our seniors each year securing scholarships and 20 percent scoring higher than 30 on the ACT is the robust curriculum. To be forced to change that would be a significant blow to Madison City.”

Board members Ranae Bartlett, Terry Johnson, Connie Spears and David Hergenroeder also spoke strongly for keeping the standards and allowing school boards to determine education policy.

“This is not a legislative issue. This is an education issue. Our children need to stop being used as pawns for political gain,” said Mrs. Spears.


  • Paul Smith

    IF local school boards keep control of curriculum, then who cares if state legislature were to repeal. IF common core is so great, what would prevent Madison County from using that curriculum themselves and surpassing every school district educationally in Alabama. I have a suspicion there is a money and/or power trail to follow here.

    • Joey Russell

      You are so right! Any state that jumps on board with common core receives $20 to $75 million dollars from the federal government. The bad part of the deal is once it’s fully implemented the state and local governments lose all control of education to the Department of Education. So within 10 years all Alabama schools will be run by someone in D.C. or from the U.N. And another thing they are not telling is that each child’s personal information is put into a database in D.C. and then sold to private companies (textbook companies) so your child can be further influenced. This information includes social security numbers, health-care histories, family income information, religious affiliations, voting status, blood types, and homework completion. Not only your child’s information but yours (the parents) as well. Common Core not only ignores the 10th Amendment ( States have the ultimate authority to create and administer education ) but it clearly breaks the Alabama state law that was created with Senate Bill 477 which forbids Alabama enforcing any practices of Agenda 21. And common core is a foundation piece of Agenda 21. Our leaders are not telling the whole truth about this because some don’t know. But there are some that are selling out not only our kid’s future but the future of our country. No big surprise though this administration cares nothing about the constitution or state’s rights at all. There’s a book on called “How to Stop Common Core”. Every parent needs to read it and they will want to run every politician supporting common core out of the state. Bottom line is common core has nothing to do with curriculum at all. It’s all about power and control!!! Check out to see the nightmares that other states are having with common core.

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