Update: Former Rogersville Magistrate Charged with Theft of Court Funds

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Angelika Barrow Roberson

ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A former town employee was arrested Friday after a lengthy investigation into missing funds from the town’s court system.

“There were no red flags until the actual first audit, our yearly audit, part of our standard operating procedures,” explained Rogersville’s Town Attorney Jim Stanphill.

Stanphill said a certified public accounting firm spotted some anomalies in the records from the court clerk’s office that led to further investigation.

According to Stanphill, a forensic audit was conducted, focusing on years 2010 through 2013 adding, “Those results were turned over to the ABI and district attorney.”

On Friday, Angelika Roberson, 46, the former town magistrate and court clerk was arrested on a grand jury indictment of theft of property.

Investigators in the case said Roberson is accused of taking more than $67,000 from the Rogersville court system.

They said when people would pay court fines with cash, Roberson would void out the tickets to make it look like it never happened and pocket the money.

“It’s very detrimental to a small town,” stated Stanphill. “We rely on fines from municipal court procedures to help support the town.”

According to Stanphill, the town of Rogersville is looking into new tracking software that will add a checks and balances system in the court clerk’s office to make thefts less likely to happen.

Stanphill added, Angelika Roberson was terminated from her position with Rogersville prior to the investigation for personnel manual violations that did not have anything to do with the alleged theft from the town.


  • Skillpot

    Okay, can you find out, and tell us who had management oversight over Angelika? Can you tell us whether there were internal controls over the flow of cash?

  • Wanda

    The mayor is supposed to have management oversight over the court clerk. He or she who ever the mayor in that town, needs to be looked at as well over negligence of their job responsibilites. There is probably more hands involved in this besides the court clerk. It will all come out.

  • cole

    I would bet she was set up to take the fall for one or more of her superior’s . I would start the investigation at the top and work my way down . This kind of shinnanigans goes on every day all over the country , and thats why our country is in the shape its in .

    • Robert Lancaster

      Since you don’t seem to know any of the people involved making such
      A broad statement about her superiors is out of place and slanderous.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Is everyone taking a real good look at the sheer number of public servants serving themselves from our tax funds across North Alabama???

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