Featured Job: Parking & Public Transit Services Worker

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This is manual work requiring physical strength in maintaining and upgrading parking garages and parking lots.

Work requires skill in the operation of small to medium equipment and sweeper truck and special events set up. Work involves maintaining parking garages and lots while performing light mechanical, light construction, and plumbing repairs. Work also involves removal of trash, debris removal, lighting, sweeping and mopping garage offices and restrooms, washing, landscaping and sanitizing restrooms and regular inspections of parking facilities.

Work is performed under general supervision and reviewed through efficiency, productivity, policy adherence, observation of work and through performance evaluations. Performs routine maintenance to parking garages and lots including the removal of containerized trash, sweeping and mopping, dusting, trash removal, sanitizing restrooms, washing windows and inspection of facilities and perimeters; also includes power sweeping of garages and lots with backpack blowers and dump bed sweeper truck; and treats garages and lots with chemicals during winter for weather conditions such as snow and ice.

Performs light mechanical repairs in replacing electrical receptacles, fixtures and switches, emergency lighting and exit signs including asphalt patching and repair and caulking concrete cracks; replaces signage, HVAC air filters, wall boards, and door locks. Performs light plumbing repairs including replacing pipes, drains, and restroom fixtures. Performs landscaping duties including removal and trimming of branches, grass mowing, weed eating, excavating, grading, raking leaves and spraying herbicides and pesticides.

Assist in remodeling of offices such as construction of partition walls, laying tile, painting cabinets, baseboards, walls and handrails. Works with the Vehicle Maintenance & Services Coordinator, as needed, to assist in simple maintenance and repair tasks, such as replacing bulbs, adding fluids, etc., for public transit vehicles. Assists in the delivery and pickup of vehicles at repair facilities, internal and external cleaning of vehicles and facilities, inspection of taxicabs and other related work as needed.

Operates sweeper truck, lawnmower, weed eater, paint sprayer, core drill, jackhammer and skill and circular saw while performing essential functions. Requires regular and prompt attendance plus the ability to work well with others and work well as a team. Sets up barricades, safety cones, banners, signs and special signage for events. Removal and replacement of ticket booths and meter post. Places de-icer in the case of snow accumulation. Performs related work as required.


Work is performed inside and outside, the employee is exposed to adverse weather conditions, chemicals, fumes, dust, high noise and hazards associated with working around traffic. Work requires the physical ability to perform heavy manual laborer and the ability to repetitiously climb on and off machinery, ladders or scaffolds. Work also involves walking, standing, lifting, stooping and bending.

Minimum Education, Training and Experience:

  • High school diploma from a school accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or GED certificate issued by the appropriate state agency is desired and some experience in the maintenance of parking facilities; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that demonstrates the above listed knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Some knowledge of the common practices, methods, and materials utilized in the maintenance of parking facilities.
  • Some knowledge of plumbing, carpentry, mechanical repair and maintenance procedures.
  • Some knowledge of landscaping practices and procedures.
  • Skill in operation of trucks and equipment safety in accordance with traffic laws and ordinances.
  • Skill in the use of hand and mechanical tools and equipment.
  • Ability to perform maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Ability to operate various tools and equipment.
  • Ability to do heavy manual tasks.


Valid Alabama driver’s license.

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