Silicone Mini-Mitt a Deal

There are many products on the market designed to help you handle hot containers or pans in the kitchen.

One of the newest is the “Silicone Mini-Mitt.”

It fits either hand. In fact, it looks like a rubber puppet for a bizarre vaudeville show.

(Kids…you can Google “Vaudeville.”)

It claims to withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Mini-Mitt has “tall nibs” designed to dissipate heat.

We like it.  We ran the oven up to 500 on “Bake” and left a cookie sheet in for 20 minutes.

When we opened the oven and grabbed the cookie sheet, we didn’t have any sensation of heat wearing the Mini-Mitt.

Also, and just to test the Mini-Mitt, we boiled some water.  The Silicon Mini-Mitt does NOT claim to protect you against boiling water. We just wanted to test the limits of the product.

I put it on and stuck my hand in the water while wearing the Mini-Mitt. You could sense the heat but it protected my hand.

I do think the Silicone Mini-Mitt is a bit pricey. It costs $12.99.  But, we make it a Deal.

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