Upscale Children’s Clothing and Furniture Sale Feb. 28-March 1, March 7-8

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s a unique consignment sale coming up in Huntsville where parents will be able to find very upscale clothing.

It’s called The Boutique Closet.

The owners of the sale allow only top name brand designer clothing, as in labels that you would only find at a boutique or trunk show.

And the owners aren’t exactly who you might expect to be running such a sale.

It’s become a money-saving and money-earning hobby for the Kerleys of Hartselle.

This is the third year for The Boutique Closet.

“We are not like the typical consignment sale, we focus on boutique and trunk show brands,” said Jana Kerley, owner of the sale.

She and her husband, Derek, are engineers who’ve learned the value of name brand clothing in terms of re-selling them.

The Kerleys have two children: Jaxon, who’s 10 years old, and Harper, who’s 3.

Jana says dressing Harper forced her to learn about premium brands that have the best re-sale value.

“I’ve shopped consignment sales for nine years and you get very frustrated going into the large consignment sales and having to dig through racks and racks of items just trying to find the few boutique brands,” said Jana Kerley.

That was part of the motive for her and Derek to try something different:  a consignment sale with nothing but items that have high re-sale values.

Jana demonstrates with an outfit turned in by a consigner.  The brand name on it is Persnickety.

“So you’ve got the shirt and you’ve got the pants with a sash,” said Jana.  “This would retail for $110 and here it will be marked at $46.”

She lists the other brands accepted here.

New this year, they’re allowing more items from the Gap.

“Something for the Gap might cost you $30 and here it would cost you might be looking to pay $8,” said Jana.

She said premium brand clothing lasts longer than discount clothing, which may fall apart and has much lower re-sale value.

“We want the shopper to have an experience that’s more like a boutique than a consignment sale.”

They’re also allowing large children’s toys and furniture.

The public sale is the next two Friday & Saturdays:  February 28 – March 1 and March 7 – March 8.

That works with the Kerleys’ full-time jobs as engineers.

It’s located at 6275 University  Drive in Huntsville, the Target Shopping Center.  The sale is happening in the vacant space next to Hancock Fabrics.

Consigners can make up to 85 percent of the price they set for each item.

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