Sen. Shelby Urges Caution In Military Budget Cuts

ELKMONT, Ala. (WHNT) – Sen. Richard Shelby was in Limestone County this morning. He told reporters there are places to shrink the defense budget, but he says it has to be done carefully. Shelby says budget cuts cannot be allowed to comprimise U.S. security or committments to our allies.

Sen. Shelby was in Elkmont this morning to wrap up his Jobs and Industry tour. He didn’t speak against the proposed budget cuts but instead used the occasion to speak about the importance of the work of defense contractors here in the Tennessee Valley.

“As we shrink our forces, we’d better be careful because the security of this nation and our committments abroad are very important,” Sen. Shelby told reporters. He says there places where defense spending could be cut, and where tax dollars could be saved. But he adds those cuts must be made thoughtfully with an emphasis on maintaining a ready military.

“For example, what you do here at Redstone Arsenal is on the cutting edge of missile defense and also missiles period and everything that goes with it. You manage the helicopter program which is projection of force. I don’t believe that’s going to be cut. It can’t be cut if we’re going to be a first rate power.” Shelby said.

Downsizing due to modernization and budget constraints. It’s not a new proposal but its entering a new chapter.

“We could shrink a lot of things but we’ve got to have priorities.”

Shelby is the Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations and a member of the Sub-Committee on Defense. He is well aware of what some of the proposed budget cuts could mean to his district.


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