Kids To Love: Lucas

Over the last several weeks we’ve been introducing you to a sibling group of 3.  Oldest brother Brandon, middle brother Austin, and this week we want you to meet baby brother Lucas.  He’s this week’s Kids to Love.

Lucas is in the 2nd grade and his favorite subject is math.

“We learned something new like a week ago, it’s called the model whatever lowest number put a line and biggest number has a space.” Lucas explained.

He’s the youngest of the bunch, but don’t let his age and size fool ya.

“Your older brothers studying taekwondo, you study taekwondo?” Lee asks.

“I went there until I got my yellow belt, I quit so I could go into football.  I’ve been doing really good at practicing but games are a lot larger people than man and I can’t really do good .” Lucas answers.

But that won’t keep Lucas from trying.  He’ll catch up on the field just like he hangs with his older brothers.

“You and your brothers get along?” Lee asks.

“Yeah.” Lucas answers

“What’s it like being the youngest?”  Lee asks.

“Good, cause I’m pretty fast.” Lucas answers

“You and your brothers wanna stay together?” Lee asks

“Yes mam, they protect me sometimes– they protect me when I need it.” Lucas says.

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