Kids To Love: Austin


Last week you met big brother Brandon, this week I can’t wait for you to meet Austin, he’s one of the most well-mannered young me I’ve met in a while.  He’s this week’s Kids to Love.

Austin in 11 and in the 5th grade, his favorite subject is math.

“It’s a lot of numbers and I like it, I also like doing division and multiplication.” Austin said.

Austin, like his brother Brandon, loves Taekwondo.  He will be testing for an orange belt soon and will break another board for the test.

“Break it hammerfist, elbow, ball of your foot, foot.  I like doing it with hammer fist.” Austin said

“Cause if you do it wrong?” Lee asks

“You can break a wrist” Austin answers

His taekwondo training will come in handy when he grows up.

“I wanna be an officer” Austin says

To help those in need… that’s where he is right now.

“How long have you been in foster care?” Lee asks

“I think since I was 4 or 5” Austin answers

“How many homes?”  Lee asks

“14 homes,  real hard, everything different in different homes.  I wanna be adopted, because I want a good family.” Austin says.

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