Henagar Propane Customer Questions Propane Shortage, Company’s Policy

HENAGAR, Ala. (WHNT) – We’ve had a lot of cold nights this winter.  Some propane users will tell you that’s not good news. Many are fighting with propane dealers to get what they say is already theirs.

A Henagar man told WHNT NEWS 19 his propane dealer is ignoring a contract promising hundreds of gallons of fuel.

William Releford is sick of the propane shortage and what he’s hearing from United Propane Gas.

‘I won’t get any more from UPG. That is done. I am done with UPG as soon as I get what they owe me,” said Releford.

Releford showed WHNT NEWS 19 a UPG gas receipt. It proves Releford paid for more than 200 gallons of fuel.

“I just want the gas that I bought. I mean, I am entitled to have my gas. My receipt says I got 366.1 gallons left,” added Releford.

UPG representatives won’t sell Releford propane from the allotment Releford purchased. Releford must buy propane from another stash.

Customers paid $1.79 a gallon November 14, 2013. Releford understands the cost today is $3.59 a gallon.

“It makes me upset to know people want to rip off people like that,” added Releford.

UPG’s president blames a propane shortage for the price change and says Governor Bentley’s State of Emergency on propane shows the shortage is the real deal.

“I think it’s bologna,” Releford replied. “It’s like the governor is giving them an opportunity to get out of the contract by saying we are in a state of emergency. That gives them the opportunity to get more money out of the gas.”

Releford doesn’t want to pay UPG any more money. He signed a contract locking in a price for a reason.

“It’s cheaper that way, if you pre-buy it during the summer, that way you don’t have to worry about buying gas through the winter and coming up with extra money,” added Releford.

Releford showed us his pre-buy contract. The contract, like most others, has clauses.

Paragraph five on the contract puts the pre-buy purchases on hold for a numbers of reasons. One is a propane shortage.

“All Gas is still honoring their pre-buy. Ferrell Gas is still honoring their pre-buy. Their pre-buy is cheaper than UPG. Their pre-buy last year was $1.59,” added Releford.

Releford showed WHNT NEWS 19 his propane tank.

“I don’t think there is a shortage,” added Releford.

He showed WHNT NEWS 19 the tank is only 20% full.

“If they don’t deliver some. I will have to buy us some. It’s really important. It is what I heat with,” added Releford.

WHNT NEWS 19 has made a lot of calls on this. We can report some results.

A spokesperson with UPG says the company is now delivering pre-buy gas after getting a shipment last week.

The spokesman says, by broadcast time, all customers including poultry customers, should have their propane.


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