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Local Man Uses Birmingham Snow Photo to Raise Money for Friend

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WHNT) -- During our brief winter weather event a few weeks ago, we all whipped out our smartphones to take pictures of the snowy white powder we so rarely see. One of those photos is getting a lot of attention.  A man from Huntsville is profiting off his quick iPhone snapshot, and all of the proceeds are going to a wonderful cause.

"I was just looking around and snapped this photo of downtown Birmingham and it was covered in snow," said AJ Fennell, a UAB dental student. "I said that's pretty cool and I just kinda put it out there on social media and it started to spread really quickly."

Fennell is a Huntsville native, now a dental student at UAB. He told WHNT News 19 that after he put his Birmingham snow photo on the internet, the offers started rolling in. People wanted to buy it, paint it, even use it to promote the city.  "I knew what it really needed to be used for," said Fennell.

Dr. Ned Wikle is a friend of Fennell's. He's battling lung cancer and his wife just gave birth to the couple's third child in January. "Even though he's a doctor, he hasn't been in practice that long," said Fennell. "He's still got loans and now this unexpected cost that he's going to have, you know we just wanted to do something."

That's exactly what Fennell did. He set up an account online through Fundly. "I just said make a donation, whatever you want, a dollar, ten, a hundred, a thousand, whatever and I'll send you the original picture and you can do what you want with it."

The fundraising page is quickly gaining popularity. The comments section is full of well-wisher for Wikle and his family.  "He and his family are just so grateful for everyone who's donated and all the prayers being lifted up, it's unbelievable and he's so appreciative of everything," said Fennell.

To donate to the cause: follow this link.

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  • Skillpot

    AJ, becarefull with how you pass the monies, because watchful eyes are always seeking to get a cut of the pie!

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