Crave Heat Spreads the Love to Needy on Valentine’s Day

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A couple in the Rocket City is preparing to give back on Valentine's Day with the help of their rolling Tex-Mex food truck. It's service with a smile. They're planning to hit the road and spread the love, one burrito at a time.

"I just wanted the truck and her intent was why don't we use it to help the community as well, why don't we use it to be able to serve homeless people?" said Armando Guerro, the owner of Crave Heat. Guerro told WHNT News 19 that the food truck was his idea. What to do with it, was his wife's idea.

"Instead of them coming to us, we said if they don't have the money for it, why don't we go to them," said Guerro.

Armando and his wife Priscilla are planning to serve this Valentine's Day by driving around and serving hot food and desserts to those who need it. The couple has partnered with Manna House for the cause. "We asked them and they said we would love it, we would love to be able to have somebody to out and do the feeding for the ones that cannot come to us."

"Valentine's day is the day of love and it's not just couples, there's so many people that are single out there and we want to just be able to love the ones that don't have anyone," said Priscilla Guerro.