4th Annual Rocket City Weather Fest Comes at Perfect Time

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — After the past few weeks of crazy, changing weather, people are realizing it’s time to stay prepared for anything and everything.
The Rocket City Weather Fest was held at UAH Saturday and some would say it came at the perfect time.

“Usually everyone gets more weather aware after the event occurs, so this is our way of reminding people that yes, we need to be weather prepared all the time,” said Elise Schultz, a coordinator for the event.

The Tennessee Valley is used to experiencing all kinds of weather. The trick is being ready for whatever mother nature throws at us. “We have a variety of weather events happen here and a lot of them are extreme and hazardous, in some cases life threatening,” said Tony Lyza.

The Weather Fest helps citizens understand what goes into making a forecast and how to interpret warnings and watches. Feedback from residents also helps those processes run a bit smoother. With seminars from meteorologists and instructional diagrams on hand, the event reminds people of the conditions that occur in our area and helps to keep them safe.

“If my research can help one person or help the operational meteorologists 5 minutes earlier and help one family, it saves them from going through devastating effects, life long effects,” said Schultz.

Yes, it may irritate you if your programming gets cut off during a severe weather event. However, it’s important to keep in mind that even if you aren’t being impacted directly, your neighbor two counties over could be getting the worst of it.

“It’s frustrating when you break into programming but somebody is needing that life saving information right then.”


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