UPDATE: National Weather Service Concludes Four Tornadoes Touched Down Thursday Night

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TENNESSEE VALLEY, Ala. (WHNT) - The National Weather Service in Huntsville has concluded that four tornadoes touched down in the Tennessee Valley Thursday night.

FORT PAYNE: An EF-2 tornado touched down in Fort Payne, causing damage in several areas of the city.

The estimated peak wind of the tornado was 125 mph, with a path length of 0.8 miles and a path width of 50 yards. The tornado started at 12:28 a.m. and ended at 12:31 a.m., according to the findings.

There were no fatalities and one injury as a result of this tornado.

The survey found that the brief, but strong, tornado touched down at the Jet Polymer plant, just off of Gault Ave, about four miles northeast of Fort Payne. The tornado flipped 3 large tractor trailers, one of which was vaulted into the air, landing on top of the plant's roof.

The metal roof and much of the metal siding of the adjacent the plant was uplifted by the tornado.

The survey said the tornado continued its track northeast, snapping and uprooting medium to large-sized trees. Beyond this point, the tornado appeared to "skip along its track," due to little to no damage seen, before doing significant structural damage to several homes along Green Valley Circle.

Two single-family, well constructed residences, sustained a complete loss of roof and collapse of at least two exterior brick walls, most notable around the garage, according to the survey.

Numerous trees surrounding the properties were snapped or uprooted. Additionally, one small and one medium-sized shed were completely destroyed.

This area appeared to be where the tornado was at its strongest peak winds of 125 mph, according to the survey.

Other nearby homes in the neighborhood along Green Valley Circle sustained mainly loss of roof shingles,siding panels and broken windows.

Just up the hill from this location, a small apartment complex was hit. The roof fo the apartment complex was partially uplifted, resulting in the loss of siding and broken windows. Other smaller buildings had just minor roof damage and loss of shingles with small trees and branches snapped.

The report concluded that the tornado continued northeast along its short track, weakening and eventually lifting near the intersection of 55th Street and Martin Ave, but not before causing partial roof loss to a home.

COXEY: An EF-1 tornado touched down at Bay Hill Dr at the marina on the northern end of the Tennessee River in Limestone County.

The marina sustained minor damage and several of the  condos and homes here had minor structural damage. Trees were snapped and uprooted here as well. Utility poles were snapped along Snake Rd as the tornado strengthened to EF-1 intensity.

The tornado moved northeast and snapped multiple trees as it crossed Wright Rd. Utility poles were also snapped here. The peak wind was estimated at 105 mph. A manufactured home was damaged along Wright Rd just south of Highway 72 and a utility building was also destroyed. The high school at Clements sustained minor damage to the athletic fields.

Homes sustained minor damage along Allison Loop Road and Cox Road, mainly minor roof uplift and loss of shingles. The tornado continued to move northeast and crossed Blue Springs Rd. A large number of hardwood trees were snapped at the base here and power poles were also snapped near the ground. Several homes sustained damage when the trees fell on top of the homes. A car was also crunched in this location.

The tornado then crossed the Elk River with trees uprooted along Curtis Rd. The tornado then apparently lifted.

CARTWRIGHT: A tornado touched down along section line road, just east of Highway 99 in the Cartwright community. Initially, the tornado was relatively weak, snapping small limbs on softwood trees. The tornado moved east and strengthened, snapping hardwood trees along Harris Loop Road. Power poles were also snapped in this location. Estimated winds in this area were roughly 100 mph.

A home along Section Line Rd also received minor roof uplift and loss of shingles. As the tornado continued to move east-northeast, additional tree damage was noted along Easter Ferry Road and Davis Lane. The tornado apparently lifted along the hilltops just west of Witty Mills Rd.

ANDERSON: A tornado touched down in the Anderson community of eastern Lauderdale County. The tornado first touched down along Highway 207 south of County Rd 86. Multiple hardwood trees were uprooted and snapped here. In addition, at least one power pole was snapped at the base.

The tornado move northeast crossing the highway and onto County Rd 86. Here, several well built homes sustained minor to moderate roof damage with significant uplift of at least one roof structure. A child suffered minor injuries in one of the homes. The tornado reached its maximum intensity of approximately 105 mph here.

The tornado crossed Hudson Avenue, snapping additional trees and producing minor damage to one home. Sporadic tree damage was also noted along County Rds 95 and 52 before the tornado lifted just east of County Rd 530.