James Clemens High School Issues Prom Dress Code

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James Clemens High School (Photo By: WHNT News 19)

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – As prom season approaches, James Clemens High School administrators want to make sure students and parents are sticking to high standards for attire.

The James Clemens High School Administration issued this reminder to parents Friday:


“As we plan for the prom, we ask that you partner with us to ensure we maintain the integrity of our prom. Schools are undoubtedly a reflection of society. We recognize that our society as a whole has minimized standards when it comes to behavior or dress. We ask that you guide your child on the side of modesty when preparing for the prom.   We do understand that this is not a normal day of school and the dress is for a formal event. We understand formal dress does not necessarily meet the day-to-day dress code for schools; however, please also recognize that there is inappropriate behavior and dress that can compromise the integrity of our high school prom if we are not purposeful in our prom preparation.

We are mindful that this is high school prom, not an adult formal event; we hope you do as well. Our goal is not to turn any student away at the door due to inappropriate attire. Remember, this is a fun night for us as administrators as well. We celebrate with the students on this fun occasion. If you are wondering what is appropriate and not appropriate, remember that 99% of the students dressed and behaved appropriately last year.

We have listed some general guidelines to help you and your child make a good decision. Please do not send us pictures of your child’s dress or tuxedo for approval. Please use common sense with the guidelines below. We are proud of our James Clemens students and our community. We are confident that we all want a positive environment for our students no matter what type of school function they are attending. Our students currently have a sense of pride about who they are and respect for others. This carries over into everything we do.”

Administrators also issued a dress code.

Girl dress code:

  • Excessive cleavage is not allowed.
  • Dress may be backless, as long as it is not cut below the waist.
  • Navel or midriff may not be exposed.
  • Dress should not be excessively short or pulled up when dancing.

Boy dress code:

  • Suits or tuxedos should be worn.
  • Shirts must be buttoned up to the second button from the collar.
  • Pants should fit properly on the hip and not sag below the waistline.


  • Parent that Cares

    If you’ve ever been to a high school Homecoming Dance or prom, I think most are shocked. Many of the girls looked like they are dressed to work the nearest corner instead of a school activity. The young men unbutton the shirts completely or even remove them. Somebody has to buy the dresses that are worn to the school functions. It is nothing short of disgusting. Way to go, James Clemens administration!! Parents should not have to be told the appropriate way to clothe their child, but like with so many other things in life, if rules aren’t set in place, you’ll get every type of inappropriate.

  • Carolyn Harris

    If youve got it you mine as well show it off. I see 12 year olds in bikinis with no adult supervision and u guys are worried about the dresses girls are wearing yo a chaperonef event please. Raise yyour children better, teach them how to behave then u wont neec to worry about thier dress.

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