Decatur EMS Committee Votes To Revoke DEMSI License

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – The committee that oversees emergency medical services in Decatur votes today to revoke the license of one of that city’s two ambulance services. Never before has the city had to take such drastic steps to insure adequate emergency medical services.

The committee’s decision is, by law, a recommendation only. But it now goes to the city council and they will ultimately decide whether DEMSI stays or goes.

Decatur Fire Battalion Chief Ted McKelvey tells the committee DEMSI has not been in compliance with the city’s ambulance service ordinance since their employees walked off the job February 7th. The employees told us they were simply tired of late and bounced paychecks. McKelvey says because of a history of problems with DEMSI, he recommended their license to operate be revoked. And the EMS committee agreed on a 3-to-2 vote.

“Now, of course, that is still going to the city council for a final decision,” according to Decatur Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief Ted McKelvey.

DEMSI spokesperson Tessa Green told the committee the company does have financial problems that she blames on medicare and the economy in general.

“As we looked in our financial system today, we saw that we finally are going to get revenue in so that we can pay our employees. Some have been paid, but since the revenue actually stopped, it put us in a very bad predicament,” Green told the committee during a special called meeting Friday afternoon. She says DEMSI failed to renew their Medicaid license last year, which is the company’s primary source of income. But DEMSI employees tell us the problems go back much further. They say their paychecks have been bouncing or arriving late for well over a year.

Chief McKelvey also says DEMSI has been slow to respond to emergency calls for help, with a response time greater than 8 minutes most of the time. It’s now up to the city council to decide whether they’re willing to accept this level of service.


  • cole

    Considering the path America is on , and the socialist tyrants that are leading it , the whole country should be out of business before long .

  • Chris

    What two morons voted to keep them and why? You have a company that consistently fails to pay employees on time, issues checks Tasha end up bouncing all over town, and is still charging the people of the community for services. It is time to reevaluate the membership in that committee.

  • Jimmy

    “DEMSI failed to renew their Medicaid license last year, which is the company‚Äôs primary source of income.”
    The Republicans are the ones that want less government and are trying to strangle Medicaid, the company’s “primary source of income”. So it seems to me that the republicans are the ones causing this company to have financial problems. Also, isn’t it the republicans belief that the “free market” will sort things out? So what’s the problem?

    • JA

      But but but… It’s no fun unless Obama’s administration is being blamed! I also chuckle at how the group that cries about socialist this and socialism that, also worship a very obvious socialist.

      But, again, facts don’t matter if it gets in the way of pointing fingers.

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