Day One Of The Bassmaster Classic Brings Crowds, But Not For Long

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The first day of the Bassmaster Classic brought in crowds, but not for long.

Early Friday morning when the pros took off on the water Guntersville police had their hands full. “We estimated we had about 35 hundred people out here this morning,” Lieutenant Mike Turner says.

But as soon as the pros headed out for the day, those people left. “Probably about nine o’clock the crowd all got out, or crowds started leaving out,” Lieutenant Turner says, “Of course it took a while to get them out, bussing them from point A to point B.”

Just yards down the road from the City Harbor nearly every shop has some kind of welcome message for the crowds in their windows “There was a lot of traffic headed out of town this morning,” Mary Grace Hammond says.

She owns one of the downtown businesses. “We really didn’t start seeing customers until about an hour after the blast off, and those were local customers,” Hammond says.

Hammond opened early Friday morning for the anticipated crowds.

She says she started stocking for the tournament a year ago. Other store owners did the same thing.

Friday didn’t bring nearly as many customers as were expected to downtown, but Hammond says the tournament is only beginning. “I’m very hopeful that tomorrow is a better day for us,” Hammond says.

Saturday Guntersville Police are expecting double the amount of crowds they saw Friday.


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