What Goes Into Policing the ‘Superbowl’ Of Bass Fishing

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Guntersville Police are working with multiple law enforcement agencies to ensure the Bassmaster Classic runs smoothly.

As the pros get into the mindset for Friday morning, Guntersville Police are doing the same thing. “This event is large certainly by our standards,” Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson says, “So fortunately we’ve been able to have the assistance of Arab, Albertville and Boaz police departments as well as several state agencies.”

Chief Peterson says the department has been planning for a year. “The fact that we’ve worked some smaller events have given us a template to decide what we need to do,”  Chief Peterson says, “We just had to expand our normal operations and get the proper man power we needed for the event.”

Even though what is considered to be the Superbowl of bass fishing will be taking up much of the department’s time normal day-to-day work doesn’t stop, and the department still needs officers to respond to calls. Chief Peterson says the extra officers from other agencies will make up the staffing needs to work the event.  “This is a completely separate event and it’s staffed as that for the department and the other agencies that are helping us,” Chief Peterson says.

They plan to have multiple officers at intersections directing traffic, at the boat ramp on Highway 69 and at the city harbor. The Sheriff’s Office will also help with the event and control traffic throughout the county’s major roads. The Marine Police will also be available for assistance.

Chief Peterson says the department is utilizing equipment from other local and state agencies in order to ensure the three-day tournament runs smoothly.

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