Crews Busy Repairing Power Lines in Limestone County, Two Schools Closed

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Two Limestone County Schools will be closed Friday, February 21 due to storm damage.

Blue Springs Elementary and Clements High School will be closed due to downed utility poles in the area.

Athens Utilities crews make repairs to power poles on Friday morning, following the storms. (Photo: City of Athens)

Athens Utilities crews make repairs to power poles on Friday morning, following the storms. (Photo: Holly Hollman/City of Athens)

Meanwhile, part of U.S. Highway 72 is blocked at Clements High as crews repair broken poles. In all, seven poles were broken on 72 and a total of 17 throughout Athens Utilities' system.

General Manager Gary Scroggins said a little more than 1,000 customers are without power, but all should be restored later today.

Blue Springs Drive is still closed this morning.

Across from Clements at the Fuel City gas station, winds damaged the pumps, ripping the front off, according to WHNT News 19's Jeff Gray.

On Sledge Road, just off Highway 72, a man described how his family acted quickly to get to safety when the strong winds roared through late Thursday night.

"The power went out you, could feel a loud boom, the trailer started shaking," said Gilbert Martinez. "I told her to go get the babies, I took off running down the hallway to get the other two and as I am going, you see the trailer just move -- you could feel the force of the wind I gave the other two and they are freaking out I grab them and take off to the room and as soon get down here a loud boom and the roof went everywhere."

Martinez and his family are safe, but their mobile home has substantial damage.

There's also damage at Lucy's Branch, along the Tennessee River in southern Limestone County.  There is minor damage to the new RV park on the west side, according to a resident, including a large tree that fell and a power pole broken with lines on the ground.

Elsewhere, a viewer reports some roof damage along Harvest Road at Jesse Layne Drive.

In the Lakeside area, crews worked to clear trees and power lines from Curtis Road.  The road was blocked as emergency crews tried to get to the communities to make sure all residents were safe.  No injuries were reported, thankfully.