Navistar to Move Huntsville Mid-Range Engine Production to Ill., 280 Jobs to be Cut

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Navistar International Corporation announced Thursday that they will move mid-range engine production at its Huntsville plant to Melrose Park, Ill. The company's other plant will remain in Huntsville.

The consolidation will affect 280 workers.

Employees inside the plant gathered to get the bad news Thursday afternoon and have been told to expect the closure to happen by this summer at the latest.

"As we have stated previously, we have too much excess engine manufacturing capacity in North America and we must take action to reduce our costs and improve the business," said Jack Allen, Navistar chief operating officer. "The consolidation will further lower the company's breakeven point, strengthen our competitiveness in the marketplace and help position Navistar for a return to profitability."

"Ending production at a facility is a difficult decision because of its impact on the many great people who've been part of our company," Allen said. "We understand that these decisions have an impact on our employees and the community and we will treat our people with dignity and respect throughout this process."

Navistar will continue to build its 13-liter engine at its Huntsville big bore engine plant.


  • Sammy

    Add some jobs, lose some jobs, and the government giveaways (incentives) continue. I would like to see an analysis detailing the “net” gain or loss of jobs we get for all the taxpayer money flowing into the bank accounts of corporations. I won’t hold my breath waiting!

  • Bob

    NAVSTAR moved these jobs to purely appease the union in Illinois. Production cost and quality is much higher at Huntsville facility. Current CEO came from GM / Delphi background. Obviously promises made. Not willing to challenge union.

  • Doesn't matter

    Just curious what’s going to change in 3 years? The CEO’s and poor management skills have ran NAVISTAR’s name in the ground, not to mention the fact that they are offering CUMMINGS engine in every engine NAVISTAR produces.

    • Bob

      You are correct. Poor senior management abounds at Navistar. Had to offer Cummins because Of Maxforce EPA issues. EPA issues surround a gamble on using technology instead of DEF. gamble did not pay off. Had to go to cummins with hat in hand.

  • anonymous

    The midrange engine they moved back to Melrose Park, Ill is a dead engine anyway. It can never meet the new emmision laws same with the V8 we produce. Piss poor upper managment has driven Navistar in the ground. The whole debacle with egr instead of scr has absolutely drained the company. Dan Ustain is who is to blame I believe.

    • anaonymos

      I agree that Dan Ustain did run navistar into the ground, because no one would stand up and tell him that the EGR system won’t work and he took the money and laugh all the way to the bank!!!!!!!!!

  • Nuclear Mike

    Where are the City Fathers & Mayors on this?

    No one steps up to “take credit” or at least explain that losing this many Navistar jobs already at maximum productivity as to wages & taxes will negate any Remington jobs for at least the next 3>5 Years as a net loss…

    Huntsville Utilities’s electric industrial sales will drop by how much???

    Or was the timing of the Remington announcement set to occur just before the Navistar cutbacks????

  • jamison jones

    very sad to see such a premier company go somewhere and of course the jobs lost! Will they hold a press conference for this?

  • Sammy

    Many of the usuals on this discussion are being hypocritical — as they tend to be! When a company moves to our area they say it is because management is smart enough to leave their unions behind. When a company leaves our area they say it is because of poor management. For them, management is always good when they come here and bad when they leave!

    • Bob

      In most cases I would agree with you. But intimately knowing the history behind the last 6 years and as far back as when Navistar was spun off from Int’l Harvester, you would see how a great company was mismanaged by “new” blood that wanted to build their own legacy. Further examples: Monsanto, Eastman Kodak, Westinghouse, Circuit City this list goes on and on. Prestigeous education and a key to the executive wash room with no experience of how the company got there is a recipe mediocrity.

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