Huge Crowd Turns Out for Food Truck Rally at AUSA Conference

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's all about making visitors feel right at home - and one way you can do that is with great food.

Downtown Huntsville, Inc. organized a Food Truck Rally outside the AUSA Conference at the Von Braun Center on Wednesday evening.  There was a huge crowd - bigger than expected - as locals helped welcome the conference attendees to the Rocket City.

"We thought we'd have a great crowd, but it's been 30 minutes in and there are 2,000 people - so no, no one expected that - it's a huge success," said Chad Emerson, CEO of Downtown Huntsville, Inc.

The vendors loved to be in the middle of it all, too, bringing in more food and extending the music.

Organizers extended the hours, too, due to the popularity of the event.