Florence Mayor Speaks About New Commission

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - On Thursday, Mayor Mickey Haddock announced his plan to continue the revitalization of Florence. His vision is to create a sports and entertainment commission for the city. The commission will work in conjunction with the city and the tourism board.

Rick Elliott owns two restaurants in downtown Florence.  He said the decision can help his businesses continue to grow.

"The out-of-town business is a very important part of my business, especially now," said Elliott.

Mayor Haddock said his goal is to continue to promote the Shoals and put it on the national map. He believes  that can happen through hosting more national tournaments and events. He said a way to accomplish this is by creating this commission.

"We want to go after a lot of different sporting activities that will bring people into our town. So they can enjoy our town and see what our town is about," said Haddock.

The mayor said the commission will be made up of all volunteers. He plans to get it started within the next weeks.