As Common Core Standards Testing Looms Closer, School Systems Work To Make Up Missed Days

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Many north Alabama schools were closed for days last week because of the winter weather, and as the Common Core Standards testing dates come closer school systems are working to make up for that missed time.

Marshall County was hit especially hard by the winter weather. "Last week we were absent four days total," Guntersville City Schools Superintendent Dale Edwards says.

Edwards says this is the first year the Common Core Standards tests will be fully implemented, so he says any days missed are crucial.  "Common Core is very important in meeting our educational objectives and our goals for our school system," Edwards says.

Edwards says because this year the test will be fully implemented these few months leading up to the test in April are important to ensure students are fully prepared.

Edwards says the system is  finding the best way to make them up. "We've been working this week to address that situation and to determine how we want to revisit our instructional pacing guides," Edwards says.

The school system is also utilizing a resource that was already in place. "We have a very comprehensive tutoring program in our K through eight schools," Community Education Director Sherry Manley says, "We are fortunate enough to have a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant. It's a federal grant that allows us to do a tremendous amount of extra work with our students."

Manley says any student that is struggling to learn the material from the missed days will have the opportunity to do so with the program. "We'll be able to take any students who are struggling and let them come to our after school programs where they get extra help."

Edwards says the system is also planning to use E-Learning to help make up for the lost time.


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