Shoals Residents Save Money By Growing Vegetables

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The Community Action Agency of Northwest Alabama is providing a unique experience for some residents in the Shoals. The agency started the Gerald Williams Coopeative Gardening Program, and provides low-income families an opportunity to grow vegetables in their homes.

Once a year, interested residents apply to get the plants and seeds for their vegetable garden. It is aimed to help participants become self-sufficient.

The program is all made up of volunteers. Jimmy Crosswhite is a volunteer and he provides all the plants used in the program.

“What we raise is tomato plants, bell plants sweet pepper and cayenne pepper. That’s mainly what the agency passes out to their customers," said Crosswhite.

Executive director, Tammy Mcdaniel, said this method of gardening can help residents save hundreds of dollars.

“The idea behind the program is that residents can provide something for themselves. They can learn how to cultivate something that they normal would have to go to the stores and buy and this them the opportunity to actually grow it themselves," said Mcdaniel.

This program is only opened for residents who live in Franklin, Colbert and Lauderdale County. Residents must be approved by the agency. Residents interested must contact the Community Action Agency of Northwest Alabama. For more information click here. 


  • Nuclear Mike

    This is a good deal and the way many of us grew up…knowing exactly where the food onour tables came from and the pride of being independent by not spending money in the grocery stores…reducing the need for for food stamps and being much more healthy too!!!

    Good deal!!!

  • Josh

    Also it’s nice knowing what, if any, chemicals were used on your plants. They’re much fresher and greener — since they’re not being trucked across the country or world.

    By the way: “cayenne pepper,” not “cyan pepper.” Cyan is a color.

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