Huntsville’s Parker Griffith Starts Campaign For Governor

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Dr. Parker Griffith

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The official website is up and running, and retired Huntsville physician and businessman Parker Griffith is now campaigning for the Governor’s office.

Griffith no stranger to politics. He has lost a mayor’s race, won a State Senate post and has been elected to Congress. He has also been, in order, a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent. He’s now back to being a Democrat.

“I decided to run for governor. I returned to the Democratic party and they received me,” said Griffith. “I’m a lot wiser than I was, you know I’ve never been a good politician. I admit that. I want to be a help to Alabama.”

The 71-year-old told WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson that he can win the race, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and the people of Alabama are going to have understand that they’ve been fooled.

Griffith believes three issues will put him over the top.

“We’re going to create jobs. We’re going to have an education lottery, and we’re going to expand Medicaid,” said Griffith.

At this point, Griffith still has to run in a Democratic Primary, but it’s incumbent Governor Robert Bentley he’ll have to beat to take over in Montgomery.  Bentley has some $3 million in his campaign account, and Griffith says he can’t match that right now.

“I know it’s a challenge. I know it’s a quote, unquote “Republican State.” But it’s not a Republican state when you look at your children. It’s a children’s state. It’s for us to make their lives better,” said Griffith.

He’ll be taking his campaign on the road in the next week with appearances planned in Decatur, Anniston, Montgomery and Mobile.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Dear Parker…you are killing off the Democratic Party of Alabama, therefore, you must be working with the Republicans on this…

  • Bill

    He’s NOT a good politican and he’s NOT a good doctor……so what is he good at……..OXYGEN THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to be old fashion Tarred and Feathered and ran out on a rail!!!!!!

  • Phil

    Parker Griffith reminds me on an old Southern saying about a hunting dog that loved to hunt: “He’s anybody’s dog who’ll hunt with him”.

  • danny

    Dr.Griffith, Don’t even think about it. You don’t stand a chance. Stick to Real Estate. Dr. Bentley, As far as I, and everyone I know, you won’t have to spend a DIME in North Alabama to beat P.G.! He’s a joke, an opportunist, and is a disgrace to the medical profession, especially in Huntsville Alabama.

  • Alabama Resident

    Here is something to think about when it comes to voting this year. will the candidates focus on legalization of marijuana in the same ways as Colorado and Washington to help create jobs and extra revenue for the state or will they continue to put the bills off… I understand Alabama is a Religious state I am not asking you to commit a crime you have your right to not use the drug or shop at a store. But that extra money can’t come from other sources as fast and as needed . Alabama Has Alcohol , which has killed more people than marijuana has. Its time to vote on a candidate who will bring Alabama into the 21 century instead of being a last to adopt state.

  • Darrin

    The man is like a revolving door – he never knows which way he is going to swing. Left, right – no left again, then right! Talk about a man with no center! Please Mr. Griffith, don’t waste the old money of a few folks who haven’t been able to pick their way through the smoke.

  • Dean

    The laws of common sense teach that it is physically impossible to walk in two opposing directions at once! Well, Dr Griffith shoots that theory out the window!!!

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