Huntsville Leaders Hope AUSA Conference will Decide to Make the Rocket City Home

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)--In the AUSA expo at the Von Braun Center, vendors had nothing but good things to say about the Rocket City Wednesday.

This is the first time the event that draws more than 3,500 participants, is being held in Huntsville.

"We want AUSA to keep coming here in the future so we are pulling out all the stops to make them feel at home in Huntsville, we want them back this is great for our city," Judy Ryals with the Huntsville/Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau says.

Work behind the scenes to bring the mega conference to Huntsville began last year.

"We wined and dined them wanted to show them what makes Huntsville the perfect fit for their organization," Ryals added.

Among the mega-vendors, you find businesses like Ancra of Kentucky.  They don’t have a huge military operation.

They hope the meandering military leaders  at AUSA look their way.

Ancra International’s Andrew Hart says, “Anything we can do to get to these venues that we know are going to have a large military presence, we are going to do that.”

Ken Heckman of Grote Industries shows off a new LED light system, “It’s fairly thin and flexible. one of the problems that you have with a standard dome light in a military vehicle, if that hits an IED, that dome light can become a flying projectile and hit somebody in the head. with this type of product, it doesn’t matter, because it’s essentially going to hit them, it’s going to be soft, and it’s not going to hurt anybody..”

This could be the big break.

Heckman notes, “A lot of the vehicle manufacturers attend AUSA, plus a lot of the people from DC, the Pentagon, and so on.”

Among the missiles and missile launchers, a chance.

Heckman adds, “It’s like anything that’s new, you have to introduce it somewhere, and we believe AUSA is probably the single best format for that.


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