Chop Magic a Deal

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We’re testing a food chopper.

No, don’t hang up.


I know what you are thinking. Another food chopper. That is all I need is another food chopper.

But, stay with me.

This is good.

I promise.

This food chopper is … (spoiler alert) … a huge Deal.

The Chop Magic costs $12.99.

It claims to be a fast and easy way to slice and dice food.

They aren’t kidding.

Like many of these type products, Chop Magic comes with two grids that have very sharp blades.

One claims to slice. One claims to dice.

The difference is the size of the cut.  There is not a dramatic difference between a slice and a dice apparently.

It’s dishwasher safe and works easy. You may have to put a little muscle behind it.  But using the Chop Magic, you can go through a large amount of fruits and vegetables in a short period of time.

Here is how it works.

You put what you want to chop on the grid. I always spray a little cooking spray on the grids to make them work a little smoother.

Think of the grid being the top of a tissue box.  You then put the top half of the Chop Magic over the bottom half, which means it covers the fruit or veggie and then you push down.

The fruit or veggie goes through the grid and is sliced or diced depending on the grid.

It works like a charm.

I would be careful letting kids use it.  The blades on the grid are very sharp.

The Chop Magic is a Deal.