Tennessee Man Behind Bars for Clerk, Officer Assault

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Matthew Aaron Ross

LORETTO, Tenn. (WHNT) – A Tennessee man is behind bars in Alabama accused of assaulting a store clerk while shoplifting, but authorities said he didn’t stop there.

The whole ordeal investigators said, started as a man trying to steal a pair of head-phones and cell phone case from the Family Dollar in Greenhill.

According to Loretto Police Chief Bobby Joe Killen, Matthew Aaron Ross, 30, assaulted a clerk at Family Dollar and then drove into Tennessee.

When his Loretto officer confronted Ross at a gas station, Killen said Ross attacked the officer.

“The subject flung him to the ground, Officer Butler got up again and tried to hang-on to him one more time and put cuffs on him,” said Chief Killen. “He threw him to the ground again and got pinned between the car and the sidewalk, and was attempting to kick Officer Butler in the head.”

At that point Chief Killen said a person who was riding with Ross, came to the officers aid.

According to Killen, it was a move that may have saved a life.

“If the other suspect had not knocked the other one off my officer, it could have been a lot worse. He might have gotten the gun from my officer because he had him pinned between the bumper and the sidewalk on the ground,” stated Killen. “You are just thankful that it didn’t happen that way.”

Chief Killen said they are in the process of getting arrest warrants for Matthew Aaron Ross for assaulting the officer.

According to Chief Killen, his officer and the store clerk at Family Dollar will make a full recovery.

Matthew Aaron Ross is being held at the Lauderdale County Detention Center on numerous charges related to the clerk being assaulted.


  • KB

    If the clerk tried to apprehend him for a cell phone case and a pair of headphones they should have known better. None of this would have played out as it had. I have worked in retail and yes it makes one angry to deal with this kind of thing but the clerk just should have let him go. I will gladly pay more for an item to make up the difference of a theft than see an officer or anyone else get hurt or killed.

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