“Powering Off” Challenge results: Did it work?

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At the start of February, WHNT News 19 urged viewers to join us for a “Powering Off” Challenge.

The challenge asked participants to spend 72 hours limiting their use of smartphones, tablets and other electronics as much as possible.

The Baker family of Madison, Ala. was eager to give it a shot. A pretty normal evening for the family usually involved a lot of screen time – mom looking at an iPhone, dad busy on an iPad and son gaming on a Kindle Fire.

When Alice, mom to son Riley and a daughter away at college, heard about the WHNT News 19 “Powering Off” Challenge, she jumped in.

“I think it’s great. I had been thinking about it anyway… wanting to convince the family to do it for Lent,” Alice said.

Alice, in particular, feared cutting back on screen time. “Facebook will be hard, but not as hard as Pinterest. I’m gonna have to go back to the old fashioned cookbooks,” Alice said while laughing.

Click here to watch our full pre-challenge report on the Baker family.

So how did it go? Did the power-down work? Watch WHNT News 19 on Thursday, Feb. 20th at 5:00 p.m. to find out! Spread the word and remember… it’s not to late to give the “Powering Off” Challenge a try for yourself!

Click here to read up on the guidelines for the WHNT News 19 “Powering Off” Challenge!


  • Nuclear Mike

    “powering off”???

    Let’s just all turn off the TV and cancel cable while we are at it, so that none are able to even receive your or my comments or even that there is a CH19 & all the others…

  • Kim

    I had our cable cut off one time because it was like our family never spent time together. It actually went very well. We came closer together as a family, because we played board and card games instead of everyone in their own room watching t.v. I did have it cut back on, but I have threatened to do it again.

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