Introducing Jelly, a new way to social search

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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has a new start-up. It’s called Jelly and it’s a social app designed to reframe how we search – inspired by the sea.

As Stone explained recently in an interview with CNN’s Laurie Segall, “Jelly is a new way to search using pictures and friends from your social networks.”

Here’s how it works. You take a picture – perhaps of a monument you’ve stumbled across while on a trip – then send it out through your Jelly app with a question.

Friends in your social network, as well as their friends, can answer. You can then send your own response. Maybe a thank you note?

Jelly is now available for both Apple and Android users. So far people are asking a lot of questions about… bugs.

“Is this spider gonna kill me? We see a lot of spider ID questions,” Stone said.

“The oracles of our day – the web search engines – we ask them everything,” Stone added, “But there’s gotta be some percentage of our queries that are just better answered by a person… Our thinking is that maybe the true promise of a connected society is for people to help each other.”

Jelly was inspired in part by the jellyfish of the oceans. As Stone explained, jellyfish have unique nervous systems without brains.

“All of a sudden a predator comes by and what happens is, a few neurons fire… and then its neighbors fire… and then what happens is, within a fraction of a second, a brain is formed on the fly. That’s how we want Jelly to work,” Stone said.

To watch a promotional video explaining the concept of Jelly, click here. Visit the blog here.