Honor Presidents, Save Money

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Happy President's Day to you!

It's a great day to celebrate the leaders of our country and save money in their honor.

Retailers consider President's Day is considered to be the first major sales day of the year.

So, you can find a ton of promotions on everything from clothing to computers.

Over Valentine's Day weekend, many people were exchanging hearts and flowers, with love in their eyes.

But merchants were seeing dollar signs, revealing their first sales pitch of the year to shoppers.

Winter apparel clearance is the commander in chief of clothing sales.

Retailers who brought in excess outerwear to meet the increased demand for this brutal winter are eager to get rid of it to the tune of 67% off on average today.

There were great deals last year at this time on laptops. This year brings more ways to save on casual-use laptops.

Depending on how you prefer to shop --- on line or in person --- you can find deals on other electronics at Walmart and Newegg.com.

We ran across a listing online at Deals Plus -- spelled out dealspl.us -- and found links to the deals at Walmart, Newegg, as well as clothing stores Carters and Victoria's Secret.

Something else to look for -- if you're in the market for them -- are large appliances.

Sears and Lowe's have a history of offering promotions, between 25% to 40% off select brands.

Plus, you can stack coupons that offer dollar-off discounts if you make a minimum purchase.

And given this is a day set aside to pay respects to the 44 men who've lead our country, there are several free apps available for smartphones -- iPhones and Androids -- that teach youngsters about the presidents and their contributions to our country.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Yes…honor some of our past Presidents by staying home today, being frugal and not speding a single dollar on stuff you do not actually need…in fact, just spend nothing today and save the money for your “rainey day” problems later…

  • Branko Pezdi

    Honor President Obama by going out today, robbing someone with a job of their money, and spending it on luxuries for yourself.

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