Free2Teach Resource Store Providing Supplies to Public School Teachers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Teachers have a very important job. Sometimes, it turns into an expensive one too. Teachers often have to dip into their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies. The non-profit organization, Free2Teach, wants to help alleviate some of that financial stress. WHNT NEWS 19 visited the group’s resource store in Huntsville to see what they have to offer and to Pay it Forward.

It’s like an educator’s paradise. Glue galore, pens, pencils, and a plethora of paper. There are books, binders, calculators, even sanitary and clothing items. And that’s just scratching the surface. All of the teaching tools are available at no charge.

“What we want people to know is that any teacher in the public school system, whether it’s Huntsville, Madison County or Madison City, they’re welcome to come,” says Eula Battle, one of the Free2Teach founders.

Battle says teachers spend a lot of their own money on students.

“The research says that most teachers will spend up to about $1,500 a year," says Battle.

With budgets tight and teachers having personal needs of their own to fulfill, Battle says consider coming to them.

“This is just a way to help them and in turn, they can help their students,” explains Battle.

Battle says the teacher resource store is the first of its kind in Alabama. The goals are to enhance instruction, help children in need, and boost morale.

“We want teachers to know that the community is behind them and that they support what they do,” says Battle.

Speaking of support, the volunteer run, donation based non-profit could always use some itself. WHNT NEWS 19 surprised Battle with $319 in cash.

“This is great! We will make good use of this,” says Battle. “This is so awesome and I just appreciate it so much because we will pay it forward and make sure the teachers get what they need.”

Teachers are allowed to shop every other month. There is a limit, but Battle says they usually get supplies worth several hundred dollars, each time. If you’re a qualifying teacher and want to take advantage of this resource, register here.


  • Wake Up

    Millions of dollars to industries while teachers have to dip into their already limited incomes to buy supplies for their classrooms. Alabama — what is wrong with this picture?

  • Wake Up

    Alabama may be a business friendly state, but it is not a teacher friendly state. Socialism for large corporations and charity for teachers.

  • bill

    Why do these union workers ,have limited income ,All union workers make higher wages, than non union workers, is the aea union not taking care of their workers?

    • Sammy

      Bill, you will never learn. I (and others) have told you many times that the teachers and state employees in Alabama are not unionized. The AEA is a professional organization and not a union. The AEA can not strike. The AEA does not enter contract negotiations for any workers. I am not sure if you are just being provocative, or if you really don’t know the facts.

      • bill

        WAKEUP JUGHEAD> ANN DUNHAM> what ever >your user name is today. you and your far left buddies ,will never get it, .you should see the union thugs, from the AEA ,hanging around the Alabama state capital ,I have. Get back to me ,with other NON UNION(PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION) that give there workers ,tenure , after a three year window.

      • Sammy

        Bill, tenure is given to teachers by state legislation. Tenure is not the result of any union contract. Now I know the answer to my own question — you just really do not know the facts!

      • bill

        Another Alinsky reply ., by Sammy ,jughead, wakeup, what ever your user name is today. Just saying something does not make it true. these people ARE union workers( period ).as Barry likes to say.

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