Winter Storms Came With A Price Tag For Marshall County

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Many Marshall County roads are damaged from the ice the last wave of winter weather brought along with it and County Commissioners are working to find the funds to fix them.

With severe weather like what the Tennessee Valley has been seeing, roads take a brunt of the hit. Water gets into cracks in the roads and freezes, and that causes larger cracks and potholes.

Before the first wave of winter weather hit Marshall County Commissioners were hoping the county's roads would come through without major issues. However, County Commissioner R.E. Martin says this wasn't the case.  "A lot worse than it was two weeks ago, because the snow and ice we've had over the week created a lot more potholes," Commissioner Martin says.

Commissioner Martin says after the ice melted, many of the county's roads were left with bigger cracks and new potholes.

However, he says that's not the only problem. Because severe snow and ice aren't a common occurrence road damages from it aren't an issue every year, so the Commission doesn't include funds to fix those damages in the county's budget.

Commissioners say to replace one mile of road would cost about one hundred thousand dollars. "We're going to have to cut our corners, and save our money, and put it back on the roads," Commissioner Martin says.

The county does have some funds from ATRIP, which is government money for road improvements. Commissioner Martin says that will help. "We're hoping we can get some grants."

Commissioner Martin says they don't want to pull from the taxpayers, so they're going to do what they can to cut corners and find the money in the existing budget. "We know how to manage it, we'll work it out," Commissioner Martin says.

He says the roads in District 3 are in the worse shape.

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