Tree Limbs & Power Lines Fall, Causing Scattered Power Outages Across Valley

Posted on: 11:22 pm, February 12, 2014, by and , updated on: 02:11pm, February 13, 2014

Photo by Daniela Perallon/WHNT News 19

(Monarch Drive, Huntsville) Photo by Daniela Perallon/WHNT News 19

TENNESSEE VALLEY, (WHNT) – Utility crews have been busy throughout the overnight and early morning hours, and most of Thursday working to restore power in several parts of north Alabama.

Shortly after 11 a.m. approximately 200 Huntsville Utilities customers were still without power from the storm.   HU has 30 crews currently working restoring services to customers.

All large outages have been repaired and crews are now working on the remaining smaller outages.  See the current Huntsville Utilities power outage map here.

Outages are scattered in different counties, mainly because of wet, heavy snow causing trees to fall on power lines.

Athens/Limestone County

Athens Utilities crews have been busy responding to scattered outages since late Wednesday night.

Lawrence & Morgan Counties

Joe Wheeler Electric EMC have also been working for several hours to restore services to about 1,000 customers. The outages are scattered in different parts of Lawrence and Morgan counties.

Marshall County

Crews with the various utility providers have been working all night, responding to scattered outages throughout Marshall County.

Albertville Municipal Utility Board said it had less than 50 customers without power on Thursday morning. The outages were sporadic, and many have been repaired. Crews are still working to restore the remaining outages as of 9:20 a.m.

Arab Utilities says it is aware of outages spread throughout the service area. They do have crews out working to make repairs. They do not have an estimated time for the repairs to be completed.

Guntersville Electric says it has several hundred customers without power, as of 7:22 a.m.

North Alabama Electric says it has crews working to repair the widespread outages in its service area.


  • Mark Pruitt says:

    Power out on hustleville Rd.,Albertville,Ala.35951 Can anyone confirm it out anywhere else or notify Marshall-Dekalb Electric coop.

  • Daniel says:

    Some parts of Laceys Springs out of power.

  • adan barragan says:

    power out on kilpatrick

  • Orbin Dempsey says:

    Power has been out in Somerville since 10:30 pm. Still out at 3:15 am

  • Dave Light says:

    The power has been off on Hideaway Dr. In Guntersville since a little before midnight . Still off 5:50 am.

  • Orbin Dempsey says:

    Power still out 6:00 am

  • Lee Reaviel says:

    Still no power, Pines Rd, Somerville. Joe Wheeler phone numbers to report outage don’t work, but their website says only 16 houses are out of power in Morgan County. Not sure that is correct…

  • Bob Pincus says:

    Power out in Whitesburg Estates

  • Dave Light says:

    Power on !!!!!! Thanks Guntersville Electric Board!

  • Mike C. says:

    Called marshall dekalb about power outage on Irvin road past douglas the hung up on us . Great service with the hotline hanging up on customers before we are able to speak .

    Hope my sons red earred sliders survive in a tank without a heater

  • Tracy Newman says:

    It is now 12:30 pm and the power has been out in somerville since 10:30 last night

  • Victoria F says:

    No power since 9:30 this morning in Grant Al

  • James G says:

    Power on Upper River Rd Somerville has been out since 9:10 PM last night. Unable to report it until this morning because Joe Wheeler EMC’s telephone reporting system is antiquated and can’t handle call volume. It’s 2014 JWEMC. Find out what other power companies do to manage outage reports. God Bless the crews that are out there doing their best in a mess.

    • James G says:

      Update: Joe Wheeler EMC’S website ( advises 74 customers without power. A call to JWEMC customer service is met with “we have over 1,500 customers without power. Me: “Then your website is entirely inaccurate?” JWEMC: “Yes.” Why bother having a website if it reflects misleading, inaccurate information? Time for ‘Taking Action / Getting Results”.

  • Orbin Dempsey says:

    Power is still out on Bob Bonds Road in Somerville. It has been out over 20 hours. Called Joe Wheeler EMC several times, but most of the times just received a busy signal.

  • James G says:

    Update. Presumably inaccurate again since I know 3 households are still without power.

    《 Total Outages: 2
    Total Customers Out: 2
    Lawrence County Customers Out: 1
    Morgan County Customers Out: 1》

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