Huntsville Utilities Handling Weather Situation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Utilities covers all of Madison County and a portion of Marshall County.  Thousands of customers dealing with snow and cold hoping there are no problems.

“The snow per se, doesn’t really cause any major issues, ice does,” said Huntsville Utilities spokesman Bill Yell. “It doesn’t appear we’re going to have ice with this. The biggest problem we have is mobility issues. People sliding into poles or other equipment, and knocking the power out.”

In the last few weeks Huntsville Utilities has had to provide power during extreme cold weather.  The demand was enough for supplier TVA to ask for voluntary conservation. This particular weather problem isn’t causing the same problem.

“We don’t expect this to get as low as the upper 20s, that should not be a problem. Of course, anytime something can break, but we have crews ready to go early tomorrow morning, because that’s when we feel that the next round is going to be rolling in, so they’ll be ready to go. But load should not be an issue an issue at all,” said Yell.

There is another weather system that’s likely to add to the snow coverage. The question is, can Huntsville Utilities crews get to problems in tough driving conditions?

“We have vehicles that are designed for dealing with this. We have a lot of four-wheel drive vehicles, all-wheel drive vehicles,” said Yell. “We can chain them. So we can do that. The conditions will take us a little bit longer, especially into the more mountainous areas that we serve.”

The bottom line, Huntsville Utilities isn’t being stressed by the snow, and they do feel ready to answer whatever problems crop up.


  • Roger

    I understand that HSV Utilities needs to raise their rates when it gets colder but my last bill was $379. I have never had a bill over $290 in the 7 1/2 years that I have lived here. My December bill was $140 and I was heating my 2nd floor because I had extra visitor. This past month it has only been my wife and I and we keep our heat at 68. I Don’t get it.

  • Diana Underwood

    The thermostat can get stuck on emergency heat and cause the bill to skyrocket. You can buy a new thermostat and it will pay for itself quickly.

  • DarkWolf

    I don’t understand why everyone keeps stating that Huntsville Utilities is raising rates or is price gauging or some of the other off handed comments I’ve read on other articles. When I look at my bill, the rate I was charged last month and the month before are the same. The only thing that changed was my Kw usage. We lowered our thermostat to 65 and although there were twice as many cold days last bill than the month prior, our usage went down, significantly, saving us money.

  • Alfaista

    I am curious about a building that has NO HEAT OR AIR, getting a $120 jump in a bill last month. Why? Nothing changed over the past years, and all bills have been looked at to see if there were similar jumps that were just forgotten. Never. No lights have changed, no usage, nothing. People do not live in this, it is a barn. Never, in 30 years, have the changes been so dramatic as they have the last two months. And, secondly, I do not understand raising rates during “high demand”. That is normally life threatening situations, extreme cold and heat. So, older people, who must stay in and have fixed incomes, raise the rates when they are also susceptible to dying? Excuse me? How does that work, for a “not for profit” company?

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