School Closings & Delays: February 14

Posted on: 9:27 am, February 10, 2014, by and , updated on: 05:55am, February 14, 2014


TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – The following school systems have notified us of closings or delays for Friday, February 14.

Road conditions are still a mess for some areas, especially in northeast Alabama. Much of the slush that’s left refroze overnight, creating the potential for travel problems.

Friday Closings & Delays:

Curious about which closings and delays we list?  Please read WHNT News 19′s Closings Policy.

  • Albertville City Schools – Will open on time Friday
  • Athens City Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday
  • Bethel Baptist – 2 hour delay Friday
  • Blount County Schools – Closed Friday
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy – 3 hour delay Friday
  • Cullman County Schools – Closed Friday
  • Decatur City Schools – 2 hour delay Friday
  • Decatur Heritage Christian Academy – Upper: 9:45 a.m. Lower: 10:00 a.m.
  • DeKalb County Schools – 3 hour delay Friday
  • Fort Payne City Schools – Will open on time Friday
  • Guntersville City Schools – Closed Friday
  • Hartselle City Schools – 2 hour delay Friday
  • Huntsville City Schools – Open Friday
  • Jackson County Schools – 10:00 a.m. start time Friday
  • Lawrence County Schools – 2 hour delay Friday
  • Limestone County Schools – 2 hour delay Friday
  • Lincoln County Schools, TN – 2 hour delay Friday
  • Lindsay Lane Christian Academy – 2 hour delay Friday
  • Marshall County Schools – Closed Friday
  • Marshall Christian School in Albertville – Closed Friday.  Will resume regular schedule on Tuesday, Feb. 18th.
  • Morgan County Schools – Closed Friday
  • Mountain View Christian Academy – 11:00 a.m. start time Friday
  • Scottsboro City Schools – 2 hour delay Friday

Additionally, Grissom High School Fine Arts Thursday’s performance of “The Seussification of a Midsummer Night’s Dream” has been canceled for Thursday night, but tickets purchased for Thursday’s show will be honored at Friday and Saturday night performances.


  • baby2014 says:

    I’m in shock, Huntsville City closes its doors before all other school systems! It will be so interesting to see if this weather deal pans out, better safe than sorry for the kids:-)

    • casey says:

      157 at Westpoint at least 1 in and steady wet snow

    • Robert Palmer says:

      That’s because Huntspatch is the leader in the field. This is important to health and safety. better to be safe than sorry!

    • MaGill says:

      Yes it might be inconvenient to many to keep their children at home due to school closings and the parents have to work. On the long run that’s is being cautious than taking a chance. Many wrote about why huntsville is closed for Thursday the 13th prior to the weather outside right now. It’s snowing nonstop after the freezing rain which means icy conditions which can be very dangerous without the proper equipments. So please try and be practical before making a judgment. Thank you.

  • You-know-who says:

    Wow. Huntsville City decides before the other systems AND lets teachers have delays as well. How bad is it gonna get.

  • mari says:

    They don’t want to look bad like GA did. I agree with you better safe than sorry.

  • mari says:

    Does anyone knows approximately how many inches are we expecting? I am praying for a whole lot!!!!

  • nancy says:

    I applaud Huntsville City Schools for making this decision.

  • nancy says:

    I applaud Huntsville City Schools for making this early decision. I think it is more important to keep the children safe.

  • Huntsville City Schools first to communicate the school delays!!! We have never seen that before…good decision. Everyone is probably thinking about all the snow issues Atlanta & Birmingham had a few weeks ago. Oops…

    Again…props to the Superintendent(?) who had the the courage to decide promptly. Posting the delay/closing(s) early has given parents enough time to arrange their schedules and most of all, keep their kids safe.

    That being said…bring in on. We want snow and looking for a full snow day off on Wednesday. :P

    • Karinttt says:

      I agree. Madison County is always the last to declare their intentions. We have no idea what is going on until the last second. It would be considerate for Madison Co. to give parents the time they need to secure home care for their children, or make other arrangements. We are home with ours; but if you work, it’s difficult to have to thrash around every single time there’s a weather or other event at the last second. And, I certainly hope the next time there’s a question about an approaching storm that Madison will err on the side of caution and close early. Don’t wait till the last minute so parents can safely pick up and drive their children home. Last year we got stuck in dangerous conditions because they waited too long to make a decision on closing.

  • Kara says:

    Jacksonville, AL city schools closed on Tuesday

  • anonymous says:

    i srsly h8 soo much lyk Y cant we just get out like plez

  • anonymous says:

    aint nodda finna get out in da freezing ahhh cold… ms needa get wid da program and a delay or sum

  • ur worst nitemare says:

    my school is always the last stinkin one to get delayed i mean i have HAD it

  • ANONYMOUS says:


  • wad matter wit he’s englesh? I knows wad he be sayins.

  • La' says:

    I went to school in the cold weather and it hurt me bad my sinus, allergies and broncit, was terrible and it cost me over $2,000 at the emergency room

  • Sara says:

    Better safe than sorry? How about we see some accumulation, or better yet a snowflake. Ever hear of the saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket? That applies here. What if there’s no snow? No ice? And the kids are home getting dumber and dumber. Makes me chuckle when all you southern people are acting like the world is ending.

    • aphn says:

      Please, I’m begging you…If you despise Southerners so much, go back from whence you came…I can assure you we can do without one more no-makeup-wearing-tacky-foulmouthed-carpetbagger.

      • Sara says:

        You should probably use your terminology correctly. There is nothing tacky about me and did I use anything foul?? Don’t be upset because you’re one if the people who goes crazy when there’s one snowflake.

    • Drape says:

      “Oh look at me, I’m Sara and I’m not from the South! That makes me better than you! You Southerners are all stupid… Derrrr..” Typical Yankee attitude.. No wonder why other countries can’t stand the US, more specifically the Northern US.

      • aphn says:

        Haha…very true, Drape! And Sara, you’re the one making assumptions…Snow doesn’t make me panic at all. And if you understood my comment properly, you would see it’s a generalization. And yes, I don’t care what anyone’s opinion is on generalizations. They’re called that for a reason.

      • Hannah says:

        That is true about a bunch of people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sara. I know it seems like Southerners overreact to snow, but what people don’t seem to know is that Northern snow and Southern snow are very different. Because it gets so cold, snow in the North is powdery, dusty, and easy to drive on. However, Southern snow is wet and icy because it just doesn’t get as cold down here. This wetness makes travel much more tretcherous, plus the South doesn’t have to equipment for dealing with wintry weather that the North has.

    • Sandra says:

      It is already sleeting in parts of Madison County. The temps are up right now but if they fall we will not have to worry about snow but we will have to worry about black ice on roads. I for one hope all school systems follow Huntsville City. Kudos!

    • Doris Buck says:

      Sara, and all the rest of you gripping, small minded, trouble making, foul mouth folk. I was under the impression all the comments here was supposed to be to help each other with their school closing and delays,. The things I’ve read makes me sick. I feel sorry for all you northerners. I feel ashamed of the southerners. The cilvil war is over y’all. And, Sara it don’t matter how well you drive in rain and snow. There are SO MANY people out there that don’t no how. And it might be you or somebody else that has to be cut out of the cars. I’m a mother with kids and if I had to go to the morgue to identify them, I would never be able to smile again. Stop the bickering and just pass along any things about all school closings an delays.

  • Bob says:

    It isn’t going to do anything here. NC is getting it all.

  • Uncle Remus says:

    OMG, it might snow. Better shut down the city. Geesh, I have lived places where they didn’t delay schools if it snowed period and no, I ain’t from the NE. I realize this region is not as prepared but at least see if it actually snows. After all, they don’t have a very good record of prediction now do they?

    • i see lots of snow….

    • DaMeglet says:

      LOL You obviously don’t hail from this area because you don’t know what you’re talking about. Predicting the weather here is like predicting what a cottonmouth will do when you throw a stick at it. Thus we err on the side of caution. Because when we don’t, sometimes people die (consider the tornado swarm of 2011, where a substantial number of people died in their cars because we didn’t tell people to stay home and schools to stay closed. Some died trying to go get their kids. Some simply could not get to shelter in time.)
      Also note another point. The north gets nice powdery snow that can be plowed/blown out of the way. Not only do we not have a lot of snow plows, but due to the humidity and slightly warmer temps, we also get wet snow, which turns to ice, upon which most people here HAVE NO CLUE how to drive!
      Get off your high horse. Your ego is not worth other peoples’ lives.

      • Haha says:

        The north gets powdery snow?? Really? How do they build snowmen, igloos, snow forts, not to mention snowballs?? Have any of you ever lived in the north? Doubt it.

      • Kasiya says:

        I thought snow was, well, snow. Guess I was wrong!

  • Julie says:

    Has anyone heard if UAH is closing tomm?

    • Anonymous says:

      UAH? Closing? Good one. Their attempt at superior academic excellence even in the face of danger supersedes any thought of safety.

      • Serious Snowman says:

        Danger? Seriously? A forecast for the POSSIBILITY of maybe, perhaps seeing a snowflake? Chance for snow does not = danger. If it does snow and the roads are bad then I’m sure they will do the right thing. If it doesn’t snow then where is that danger?

      • Anonymous says:

        All I was saying is that UAH will not close unless absolutely necessary because they want to appear to have a higher academic standard than everyone else.

      • pst says:

        UAH closed Wednesday

      • DaMeglet says:

        Serious Snowman, you are a serious idiot.

  • Anthony says:

    Can I please know why all schools in huntsville are canceling classes but uah huntsville is not? this is ridiculous, this has to stop right now, im sick of this

    • Josh says:

      IF UAH has any delays or closes they will wait until the last minute or near it before they say it. They are very afraid of cancelling classes only to find out the bad weather didn’t really happen.

    • Anonymous Snowman says:

      Huntsville City isn’t canceling, they are delaying. There is a big difference. Schools have to announce early because of bus schedules, etc. UAH is a university and presumably its students, faculty, and staff are adults capable of making adult decisions. If it snows tonight I’m sure they will make a decision appropriate to the circumstances, and will do so in time to accommodate its students’ and workers’ travel times.

  • Josh says:

    Why do you have the status of UA on here? People are going to confuse it with UAH like I have heard people on the radio already do. Might want to clarity that or just remove UA altogether.

    • Let it snow says:

      Agreed, WHNT! Take the UA off or clarify that it is Tuscaloosa, not Huntsville. A radio DJ was just announcing it was UAH.

  • david says:

    any word on Calhoun Community College

  • Paul says:

    Is this UAHuntsville or UA in Tuscaloosa?

    • andrea says:

      I love that UA Tuscaloosa closed and it looks like they will get just rain, and it’ll barely be freezing rain to cause issues but UAH NEVER cancels classes. Its almost as if they don’t care about their students’ safety or the fact that not all of us live on campus.

  • anon says:

    UA Tuscaloosa. I have yet to receive a notice that UAH has been delayed or cancelled. They really should wise up and cancel class when the Governor declares a state of emergency. The safety of their students should be their priority.

  • jadyn says:

    so sad for parents who have to work early because they are not letting the kids in.

  • jadyn says:

    that’s 4 hours and 30 minutes I mite as well let my kids stay at home cause I am off and im just going to be under the warm covers and lock my room door and if they keep messing with me its going to be wooping time cause I don’t fell like doing homework.

  • Lisa says:

    They really need the close the school..
    Come in Madison city.
    Read the headlines prepares for the worst
    Let’s prepare and close the school the the
    Safety of our children.

  • Lisa says:

    The Governor has declared a state of emergency.
    So why are the schools open for four hours really???

  • jbarcus says:

    Reblogged this on The News with James Barcus and commented:
    More closings and other listings are on “Weather Closings and Delays February 11th, 2014″

  • RapistInHurr says:


  • HomieG-String says:

    Hay Y’all How’s it going

  • Matt McFalls says:

    How can UAH not excuse students who don’t show up in the morning? This is unbelievable that they are waiting this long.

    • Josh says:

      Matt, usually if the weather hasn’t started by a certain point, they wait until the morning to re-evaluate the situation. It started snowing in Madison county pretty late so I imagine we should hear something from UAH around 6 or 7ish. The roads in my neighborhood north of Huntsville are already icing over, and some roads in Huntsville are already closed. I would be extremely surprised if even UAH doesn’t decide to close.

  • meghan2014 says:

    I live in the Clements area in Limestone county and the school board wants to do a 3 hour delay. I think that’s is just plain crazy because these roads out here are very SLICK and I WILL NOT MAKE MY CHILD GET OUT IN THIS. That’s my opinion about the limestone county school system

  • Lisa says:

    Several roads and bridges are icy. Madison Police have alerted us about the following areas:
    -Wall Triana/I 565 overpass and 565 Westbound and Eastbound are very hazardous. Drivers use extreme caution
    -Zierdt Road/Madison Boulevard – icy
    -County Line Road at the railroad track
    -Mill Road/Balch Road
    -The bridge at Browns Ferry and Balch Road
    -Balch Road/Gillespie Road|
    -Madison Boulevard/Hughes Road
    -Hughes Road at the railroad tracks
    -Old Madison Pike & Shelton Road
    -Eastview from Hughes to Slaughter and Wall Triana at Mill Road

    So why are they risking our children?

  • erick peoples says:

    Madison county schools should be closed!!!!

  • erick peoples says:

    Madison county should be closed!!

  • Gail Johnson says:

    Lauderdale County roads are pretty icy, and the temps are in the 20′s….yet Lauderdale County Schools are just delaying opening! They usually close at the mention of the word “snow”…..what’s different this time? (when there really is a significant driving issue)

  • J Smith says:

    Of course, Alabama A&M won’t close for love nor money. Pfffft.

  • huntsville says:

    Good ole Alabama A&M University thinks its a good idea to get people out on the roads and go to school today. I guess there always looking for a way to get negative press and I do not congratulate Huntsville City Schools either, for being one of the last school systems to cancel.

  • lilnae says:

    um do davis hills middle school have a delay????if davis hills is closed they know that’s not right I will rather have a delay then have it closed??

  • Coopmom28 says:

    Actually for those talking bad about Alabama a&m, they’re actually closed. It’s on their website..

  • bianca foreman says:

    Any updates yet on tomorrow’s closings?

  • Jeff A says:

    They will more than likely wait till after the 2 p.m. NWS briefing. That’s what they did yesterday.

  • Laura Ivie says:

    WHNT might want to update some of these, especially UNA. They are closed and you still have them listed as a two hour delay.

  • Lisa says:

    Wow Huntsville city closed wed
    Madison city should follow suit

  • Huntsville city schools closing Wednesday….yay…yay…yay…
    Okay…I’m happy.

  • kesha says:

    hello i go to lee high and i want to know is lee high closes Wednesday

  • Mom says:

    Why is Marshall County not listed?

  • Sis says:

    Marshall County is closed tomorrow as well.

  • Mom says:

    I figured that…it’s just a lot of people depend on this that don’t get the call.

  • Lauren says:

    Yay! They cancelled school on Wednesday! Does anyone think that they will delay/cancel on Thursday?

    • Jordan says:

      I bet they will. They’ve already closed Huntsville City for tomorrow. I’m waiting on Madison County.

  • Mamalove says:

    Please list madison city schools closed on Wednesday on the television. It is not listed.

  • Denise Parks says:

    Childcare Network in Huntsville, Alabama will be closed on Wednesday, February 11, 2014.

  • RWW says:

    It has done nothing but rain.All schools should have been open!The education system is bad enough and missing days for no reason is no help.If it does snow it would be later on well after school hours or at least half way through the day.This makes no sense.

  • says:


  • rww67 says:

    This is some more winter storm.I am going fishing!

  • Lisa says:

    Wow looked what ya did
    Closed all these schools
    For Rain???
    Think ya might night some new equipment
    Just saying

  • Kyler Svenson says:

    Does none know if arab city schools is canceled or delayed tomorrow??!

  • Melissa says:

    Why has Huntsville city schools canceled for tomorrow? The roads are fine!

  • Jordan says:

    Ok, Madison County Schools, let’s don’t wait until 5am tomorrow morning again. Please let us parents know what’s happening tomorrow so we can make some plans.

  • AUTiger0325 says:

    And again the local stations are going to cause a big uproar over nothing. The roads are fine, the radar shows that most of the weather will be gone before 10, but lets go ahead and start canceling schools and close business’ because the weather “may” be bad.

  • Rolltide20 says:

    Is Madison county schools gonna be closed tommorow?

  • 😊😊 says:

    I think they should close Madison county schools!

  • Sam says:

    Decatur city schools should be Delayed.

  • tabby says:

    Pulaski,tn wet snow

  • mr.need to know says:

    What about Lawrence county schools? We close when it’s to cold why no now!

  • pickleturtleunicornsandwhich says:

    Why are the schools going to be closed tomorow?(Not that im complaining) but i thought it was going to be sunny tomorow?


    • DaMeglet says:

      Step one: Look outside.

      Step two: Consider that the temperature is going to drop below freezing and won’t come back up at least until midmorning.

      An icy road on a sunny morning is still dangerous if it’s still cold outside. ;)

  • Sally says:

    Most of us KIDS drive to school && MOST of us dont know how to drive in rainy/snowy weather , yes we have are license but we rather be SAFE then SORRY !

    • DaMeglet says:

      If you have any doubts hon, keep your kids home. DHR won’t come after you for one day. And it’s not worth the risk when you’re talking about inexperienced teenagers who drive themselves to school. If you want to be productive, maybe spend tomorrow taking them to a nearby parking lot teaching them to drive on the ice so they’ll know how later? :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m one of these inexperienced teenagers and I drive fine in rain, but I know a lot of ADULTS who get nervous driving on ice or snow covered roads. It’s not a maturity thing.

      • DaMeglet says:

        Never said it was a maturity thing. And I am talking about ice/snow, not rain. What’s your point, other than overstating your capabilities like a typical teenager?

    • Haha says:

      Kids who do not know how to drive in rain or snow should ride the bus. It’s pretty simple. If you can’t drive in it, don’t!

  • Nora says:

    Is decatur city schools going to be closed?

  • Lisa says:

    Madison City?

  • DaMeglet says:

    Don’t wait for Madison to make a decision. They’re idiots if they STILL don’t know what to do. Just plan to keep your kids home.

  • Lisa says:

    Madison city are you kidding me?
    So all the talk will get ya to close
    But when it’s in your face your gonna
    Say no determination

  • sarah says:

    I can’t believe decatur city schools have yet to cancel school for tomorrow.

  • Lisa says:

    Yeah me either Sarah these city schools
    Wanting to wait to last min
    We are under a winter storm warning
    And being impacted with snow
    And they can’t decide

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone hitching about how htsv is always last, Athens students were sitting in the hallways watching a tornado pass over us on 4/27. We don’t get out first for anything so the fact we’re even on this list surprises me. :P

    • DaMeglet says:

      Well, you say that. But I’ve seen schools in Limestone and Madison County closing schools LOT more often for severe weather threats since then. We’re definitely smarter than Atlanta, and I think some of it has to do with lessons learned from 4/27/11.

  • kathy says:

    Out of 43 listed closings for Thursday all are closed EXCEPT Madison City Schools. Why do they always have to drag their feet on weather decisions? 10:00 at night is to late to try and make arrangements for your kids if you work at the hospital.

  • Sick Of Madison City says:

    Absolutely ridiculous that Dee O. Fowler Superintendent of Madison City waiting to the last minute to make a decision on closing! Thanks for balancing my children’s safety with fiscal responsibility !!

  • Gretchen says:

    Get it together Madison City! Some ppl need to know ahead of time to make arraingments for their children! Waiting till the last possible second is getting soooooooo old Dee Fowler!!!

  • Lisa says:

    I say we vote Madison city
    Super out of there:)

  • Fire Dee Fowler says:

    Not sure why Madison City Super waited so long. Did he think the snow/ice was going to melt overnight? He is always the last to close and it make planning difficult.

  • Gretchen says:

    I totally agree Lisa! He’s got to go! He does this every single time

  • concerned student says:

    Seriously UAH! Every road surrounding my apartment is closed! Commuters need to be considered! And my job even cancelled!

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear UAH,
    I speak on behalf of every commuter student in North Alabama. Get your act together. Roads across the northern part of the state are covered in multiple inches of snow. By 10 a.m., these roads will most likely still be not only unsafe, but impossible to travel. This minor delay two options for commuter students, neither of which are beneficiary. Option one: drive on extremely dangerous roads in an effort to make it to your precious classes. Option two: skip class and be punished for being stuck at home in the snow. Wow UAH. Just wow

    • UAH is a Commuter School #DEALWITHIT says:

      Agreed, this makes no sense. While I understand that they might very well decide to close at 7AM, but the roads won’t be good at 9AM…

    • UAH student says:

      I agree on behalf of all the commuter students at UAH. There are no passable roads direct to UAH which means I will have to go thirty minutes out of my way to hopefully make it on time for my 935 class. That being said, I will leave before the temperature is above freezing, an hour before class, to make it on time. Today’s closing may not have been the best decision; however, trying to make up tomorrow in the midst of three inches of snow because of the issue seen today is just stupid. For having the fifth national ranked school for aeronautical/astronautical research, the administrative staff making these decisions is obviously not as well educated as its students.

  • Ty Johnson says:

    anyone know about una?

  • UAH student says:

    And as of 8, UAH still expects all of its 10 o’clock students in their seats. Better leave now! Real classy UAH…pretty disgusting actually.

  • jessica says:

    Why is Dekalb county schools not on here ?? Its showed on another channel on tv .

  • Elizabeth says:

    UAH just confirmed that the campus will be closed today, Feb. 13.

  • niqquh says:

    is Madison county closed or delayed Friday?

  • kaitlyn mcelwee says:

    is Arab city schools closed or delayed Friday

  • Victoria F says:

    Albertville city schools delayed or closed Friday?

  • brianna says:

    why cant they just close Madison county schools Friday if the roads are just going to ice over again

  • brianna says:

    dear whnt, please consider closing Madison county school Friday because there is still 4 inches of snow on the ground

  • Ron says:

    Folks, if the school is not listed THEN IT’S OPEN ON TIME. Common sense goes a long way in the world.

  • amy says:

    Will attalla schools be open tomorrow

  • kaitlyn mcelwee says:


  • says:

    I need to know if Albertville city schools is going to open tomorrow

  • 😊😊 says:

    Madison County needs to delay 2hours.👌

  • Mandy says:

    Arab city schools need to be out tomorrow because the roads here are very icy tree branches are falling

  • Jacob says:

    Arab should very well be closed tomorrow. Considering the current road conditions in Arab, which aren’t to well. However, it seems the ‘back roads’ and ‘sides roads’ seem to be a lot worse. All of the surrounding schools almost seem to be closing, which I think they including Arab should close. Not that it would matter but, I would kindly advise Arab City Schools to carefully re-consider the decision to have school tomorrow. By saying that, observation of the student roads/bus routes of students outside of the city limits that enroll at Arab would be legit.

  • Hannah says:

    In my opinion, Huntsville City Schools should have been closed today. There’s still a good bit of snow and ice on the roads which could lead to wrecks. But of course not.

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