Alabama Department Of Transportation Prepares For Winter Weather

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Alabama Department of Transportation is preparing for winter weather by planning for the worst.

Crews plan to do this by pre-treating all county roads with chemicals such as salt, calcium, sand and brine. The goal is to make sure all roads are clear and clean for drivers. The department says it has taken advice from other transportation departments that usually deal with this type of winter weather.

Dallon Ogle is the district engineer for District 1-Division 2. Ogle's district covers all of Lauderdale and Colbert counties.

"Our travelers are not used to winter weather and we want to make it as safe for them. The added value include using brine to make the ice melt faster on roads. If all the other conditions are correct, if we have dry conditions before the storm or very little rain fall before the storm we have an opportunity to pre-treat before the storm," said Ogle.

Ogle said all 400 miles of county roads have been pre-treated with calcium and brine. The department plans to follow up on the roads throughout the week.

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