Bobby Berryhill on Coroner Run: “Look at us this time around”

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The deadline to qualify for primary races in Alabama has officially passed. High-profile races like Congress, the State Legislature, and the Governor’s seat are all on the line for both major parties. A position on the line closer to home is the Madison County Coroner. Bobby Berryhill has decided to run for his old position, and he’s running as a Democrat.

“Personally, I don’t think the Coroner’s office should be affiliated with any party, and I’ve been like that for a long time, this is not something new to me,” said Berryhill.

Republican or Democrat, Berryhill said he doesn’t think it should matter what party he’s affiliated with. “I believe the coroner, you should run on your merits, your qualifications, not on a party, I’ve always believed that and hopefully the next four years, I hope we see that change.”

Berryhill told WHNT News 19 he thought long and hard about his decision to run again. He said he misses working with the people in the coroner’s office and hopes his Democratic label won’t stand in his way of getting back in the saddle.

“Four years ago when I lost, it wasn’t so much about Bobby Berryhill, it was a party pull type thing and I’m hoping people will take their time and look at their ballots and let’s not make the same mistakes we have in the past,” he said.

As Madison County Coroner, he said he wouldn’t refuse to respond to a death simply because someone was affiliated with one party or another. “You’ve got to look at the candidates, you cannot vote party, the candidates weigh too much weight over party.”

He wants voters to think about that when they go to the polls.

“Now on a federal level, state level, that may be a different ballgame,” said Berryhill. “On the local levels, we’re the ones who go to church with you, our kids go to school with you, we see you at the grocery store, it’s us you’re voting for not the party so I’m a firm believer, look at us this time around.”


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