Bobby Berryhill on Coroner Run: “Look at us this time around”

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- The deadline to qualify for primary races in Alabama has officially passed. High-profile races like Congress, the State Legislature, and the Governor's seat are all on the line for both major parties. A position on the line closer to home is the Madison County Coroner. Bobby Berryhill has decided to run for his old position, and he's running as a Democrat.

"Personally, I don't think the Coroner's office should be affiliated with any party, and I've been like that for a long time, this is not something new to me," said Berryhill.

Republican or Democrat, Berryhill said he doesn't think it should matter what party he's affiliated with. "I believe the coroner, you should run on your merits, your qualifications, not on a party, I've always believed that and hopefully the next four years, I hope we see that change."

Berryhill told WHNT News 19 he thought long and hard about his decision to run again. He said he misses working with the people in the coroner's office and hopes his Democratic label won't stand in his way of getting back in the saddle.

"Four years ago when I lost, it wasn't so much about Bobby Berryhill, it was a party pull type thing and I'm hoping people will take their time and look at their ballots and let's not make the same mistakes we have in the past," he said.

As Madison County Coroner, he said he wouldn't refuse to respond to a death simply because someone was affiliated with one party or another. "You've got to look at the candidates, you cannot vote party, the candidates weigh too much weight over party."

He wants voters to think about that when they go to the polls.

"Now on a federal level, state level, that may be a different ballgame," said Berryhill. "On the local levels, we're the ones who go to church with you, our kids go to school with you, we see you at the grocery store, it's us you're voting for not the party so I'm a firm believer, look at us this time around."


  • Doug

    Obviously Berryhill thinks party affiliation doesn’t matter. That’s why he tried to qualify as a Republican but was refused.

  • John

    And if things don’t work out so well for the democrats, Bobby has an ace in the hole since he has one of his employees running on the Republican ticket. Will be a cinch for him to be back to the good ole days when he could use public office for his own personal gain and operate the office of coroner out of his private business.

      • Alan Milhouse

        I just looked at the Huntsville Times and Craig Whisant who is currently the coroner isn’t even running. So why would you say that someone here must be supporting him? Are you one of the employees of the funeral home who was benefiting from Berryhill’s illegal and unethical operation? I find it odd that you seem to know a lot about what Berryhill does, that he hasn’t tried to run as a Republican, and that anyone who disagrees with you is supporting someone who isn’t even a candidate?

        It appears that you are vehemently defensive of someone who raped and pillaged the taxpayers by using his office for personal gain. The voters said NO and fired him. He’s an elderly, sickly, washed up guy struggling to save his cremation business on north parkway. Why else would a seventy year old sickly person even want a job like that?

      • Amy

        I do admit that it does look like Berryhill is desperate to be coroner for some reason? A few years ago when he was voted out, he kicked up a fuss and was all over the tv trying to get the new guy thrown out of office or something? If it barely has a salary, why would he want the job other than for personal gain? I don’t understand.

    • Tim

      Who is on the republican party that works for Bobby Berryhill? I don’t beleive that is true and i don’t think they would let someone openly try to throw an election like that.

  • Senor Ramirez

    I look at it as an intelligence issue. Any person that wears the label “Democrat” and wants to be taken seriously…that person lacks intelligence. Libertarianism and non-Rino republicans are the way to go.

    If I die that last thing I want in the room with me is a leftist. There isn’t no telling how they might further victimize me. If I had a quarter in my pocket I doubt it would be there long.

  • John

    Look closely at the qualifications and company gain of all the candidates. Gene East is the only candidate not employed by a funeral home and the ONLY republican candidate with a mortuary science degree. No particular funeral home will benefit from him being elected.

  • Kris

    John, thats what the last coroner said. From what I hear he does not even go to death scenes anymore. And I suppose East will just take bodys home and put them in his garage when he needs to hold them. Makes sense. For someone without a clue, but there you go.

  • John

    Kris, I’m not even gong to reply much to what you wrote except neither did the last Coroner go to death scenes. You would be surprised what I know. Believe me, being a Coroner in this county means instant employment if its wanted. The business it brings in is too much to pass. Why else would so many want a $10K/year job that requires you to be on call 24/7 and go out all hours of the night.

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