Technology Mistakes To Avoid

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Most of us make small mistakes when using technology but those little missteps can cost us big – in time, money and health.

The technology magazine, Inc. recently put together a list of things we may be doing – or not – that can really have an impact on our quality of life.

Here’s a shortlist of some mistakes to avoid:

Removing your virus protector

Resist the urge to disable your virus scanner – even if it does slow down your computer temporarily. Skipping over this tool can hurt the health of your computer, making it run less efficiently down the road.

Creating easy passwords

We often hear this and it’s true. Avoid common passwords. If it’s something you can remember easily, it probably needs more symbols, letters and numbers. Try a password manager like Dashlane if you need help – it’ll create stronger passwords for you.

Wearing earbuds at work

It’s fine to wear earbuds for a few hours. Just don’t wear them all day. Your ear canals will thank you. Get a good set of headphones instead that fully cover your ears – they’re safer for longer wear.

Not updating your apps

When you get those alerts that your app needs updating – don’t ignore them. Not upgrading your software could leave you more vulnerable to hackers since newer versions often fix security holes.