Update: Woman Shot in Arab Feb. 5 Dies

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) - Police in Arab say a woman shot earlier this month has died.

Amy Hopkins, 44, died Wednesday morning, police said.  She was shot several times at a home on Brookside Drive the evening of February 5.

Arab Police have people questioned people who may have been involved. "Two of the people who were in the house were asleep they heard the gunshots, so we spoke with them but we don't have any motive yet," Chief Ed Ralston says.

Investigators are looking at the evidence in this case to find out what happened. If they find foul play was a factor, this case would be the first homicide the department has worked since 2008.

Officers say they have had five death investigations in the last year and a half, but those did not involve any kind of foul play.

Chief Ralston attributes the lack of shootings and shooting related deaths to several factors. "Some with our police force, some with our investigators, and some with the residents here who are always good to call if they see something suspicious."

Arab Police say if you have information about this case to call the department at (256) 586 - 8124.


  • Red

    Well, lets all just prepare for gun crime, gun accidents, guns used in road rage and guns used in the heat of the moment, to become more and more prevalent. And of course, there will be an occasional report of a justified use of a gun that the hillbilly gun advocates trump as evidence of the need for everybody to carry a gun, all the time, everywhere they go. Because of course, they have rights.

  • B

    @Red, your ignorance amazes me…. If someone were to brake into your home, armed, to go after you or your family, would you rather wait at gunpoint hoping the police arrived in time? Or be armed yourself and be familiar enough with your own capabilities and the capabilities of your weapon to defend yourself and your family?
    I don’t know about you but I would much rather know how to handle such situation right away before a loved one was raped or murdered!

    Did you even read the story? When was the last time something like this happened in the city of Arab (a city that you probably view as a bunch of “hillbillys”)? The fact is, The Arab Police Dept. does a wonderful job to keep our city safe, and this particular city is full of good citizens (not thugs with stolen, illegally owned guns, etc! For those of you who might find this to be racist because of the old stereotype of Arab being some “All White” community as some people like to believe, there are good people of all ethnic backgrounds in Arab. The difference is in the mindset of people!

    Last point. sure technically you can enforce gun control and take away guns, the average law abiding citizens would be at a loss because they would do as the law says. The thugs that are behind all these shootings and things you hear of all around the country, aren’t going to just go turn their weapons over to the government. Do you have any idea how many guns are out there? The criminals will have just as easy access to guns as they do now. Unfortunately the law abiding citizens wouldn’t, therefore would not be able to defend themselves!

    Its the PEOPLE that have to change, NOT the LAWS! I also believe our justice system needs some work! It amazes me to hear about the murderers being sentenced 20yrs or so, and then they end up getting out early for “good behavior”! If you take an innocent life, you should lose your life by the death penalty! But let me guess “Red”, you probably don’t believe in the death penalty either?

  • Mel

    It’s immature natured individuals like “Red” that give me a headache over this whole gun ownership situation. As American citizens we are allowed the right to own guns unless a criminal background check proves otherwise. Everyone acts like people just started getting killed by guns in the last 2 years when look back as far in history as you want and you will see in the “Western times” people were killed by guns. I own multiple guns, different types, different calibers, and as a woman I’m proud to say that I do own many guns. I feel like my household is well protected. My children are under the ages of 15 and they are all familiar with guns and have been thru classes and given instructions on guns, but they aren’t allowed to keep possession of a gun on their person, which I believe is part of being a responsible parent. Shooting guns are a sport to us and believe me we are in no way hillbilly. We are prestigious individuals in our community, very highly educated with college degrees, and live in a house worth more than most make in a year so no we aren’t hillbillies because enjoy guns and enjoy shooting them. Red just wanted his/her “voice” heard, but I find those types of viewpoints to be very close-minded, ignorant, negative natured individuals and I truly feel sorry for them because they are obviously the sort of person who cannot see the “whole picture.” Amen to Bob & B!!

  • chuck

    The lady was shot several times and the police are trying to determine if foul play was a factor. Do the police honestly think that the lady shot herself several times?

  • soldier

    Bob you should be ashamed of yourself using references to handicapped people as retards who ride the short bus. you certainly must have something wrong with you.

  • Jemima

    I know the family and am aware of the events that occured. For the recored I just want to make it clear that like all stories repprted by the news, this has been exaggerated and some of the details are not Facts. There was no foul play involved the shooting was indeed accidental. At this time the family needs support and understanding not the snide and hateful remarks being left here.

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