Marshall County Man Found Guilty of Raping Two Girls

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Colton Hall

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Marshall County man has been found guilty of raping and sodomizing two girls.

A jury handed down the guilty verdict against Colton Hall of Guntersville late Thursday afternoon.

One girl who was 11 years old when the incident took place said Hall had sex with her more than 30 times.  She also said Hall made her buy pregnancy tests and forced her to use them. The second girl who accused Hall of sexual acts is also under 16.

Hall sat in the front of the courtroom before the jury while the defense and the prosecution hashed out the details from the entire week.

Part of the evidence was a recording of Hall’s questioning after his arrest. In that recording, Hall admitted he did engage in sexual acts with the girls, but says those acts were consensual.

The prosecution says that may be, but because the girls are under age and Hall was not, the acts are illegal regardless.

During closing arguments the defense told the jury this case has a lot of gray area, but the prosecution says it’s cut and dry.

About an hour into the deliberation process the jury asked to hear that recording of Hall’s questioning again.

After several hours of deliberation the jury handed down guilty verdicts on all counts.

Hall also has an extensive record in Marshall County.  He will be sentenced March 10th.


  • Need Answers

    Why would you keep going around someone if they have already “raped” you once? 30 times? Really? & hasn’t one of the girls already filed a “rape” on another man? & where was these “so concerned” parent at the time? Did you not notice your child acting different? & why would you leave such young girls around a stranger anyways alone with him at that? It was wrong for him to have sex with underage girl but they were willing. The parents are to be blamed just as much as colton is!

    • actually-understand-laws

      Need Answers- are you really going to victim blame children that were 10 and 13? He wasn’t a stranger, was brought around family by part of extended family, whenever the girls visited this relative he had access to them. Threats are made to prevent telling anyone and oftentimes those threats are all it takes to keep quiet. A 10 year old is never willing. Ever. The sad thing is this person was out on bail for a stabbing pending trial, had a prior assault, and drug charges. Listen to yourself. Pitiful, just like this man’s behavior.

      • Need Answers

        Actually-understand-laws: So why didn’t this 10 year old or 13 year old tell her mom or dad she didn’t want to be around them? Just so you know I know both of the girls & personally and “when they visited their relative” it consists of them going to his house! And there are 10 year olds that are willing, ones that don’t no any better! Their are 10 year old girls with kids, boyfriends, kids are starting earlier and earlier because they dont know any better! I’ve been around both the girls and colton before & all I have seen them doing is laughing, smiling, wanting to take pictures with him etc. And if you knew all the facts this “relative” they was going to visit was on coltons side! But like I said before colton was wrong just a few missing pieces to the puzzle!

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