Former Shoals Children’s Minister Charged With Sodomy Wants Bond Lowered

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Jeff Eddie (Photo: Muscle Shoals Police Dept.)

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) – The defense attorney for a children’s minister charged with sexual abuse filed a motion to have his clients bond lowered Thursday.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Jeffery Dale Eddie, Highland Park Baptist Church children’s minister, was arrested and charged with two counts of child pornography, 31 counts of second-degree sodomy and three counts of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12.

Eddie’s attorney asked the court to lower his bond from $1,030,000.  A judge has not made a ruling on that motion.  Eddie’s attorney also asked that the case be dismissed.  A judge threw out that motion.

His defense also filed a motion requesting to have the court find Eddie a new attorneym citing a lack of funds.

Court documents, released Wednesday morning, state that while being questioned on Sunday afternoon, Eddie “confessed to performing oral sex and other acts on several of the minor members of his church, numerous times.”

Faith-based counselors from across the state have stepped in to assist the members of Highland Park Baptist Church.


  • Kelly Landers

    Lower it and let him out. Someone will “take care” of him and save the courts a lot of money. What a sicko…

  • TruthTeller1

    I believe the church is in the wrong for not reporting it as soon as he was seen touching the child! I believe the church should be prosecuted with the misdemeanor and the 6 months jail time for believing they are before authority. There is a huge problem in this country with our unorganized “organized” religion! There is a HUGE problem when a preacher is not upfront with his congregation. I myself will never, ever attend this church ever again and nor will my children and if any of my family members continue to grace the doors of Highland Park I will not speak with them. I know you cannot reform a pedophile it has been tried in many states. He should be put to death! No exceptions! Children are a gift from God! Someone with this mentality cannot be counseled, fixed, or repaired.

    • Micheal Aycock

      I believe the timeline was reported wrong and will be cleared up. As for as charging the “church” I am apart of the church. Do u think all 800 of us shoud be charged? Thats crazy. Its easy to say that it all should have been done in a day but they had to make sure they had proof before u accuse someone and ruin their life over false accusations. Btw why dont u use your name instead of truthteller when obviously thats not appropriate. Like chris said we were all fooled and i dont attend this church for jeff eddie nor am i going anywhere b/c of him. Love my church family and proud of how they are handling this. Just pray for us instead of bashing please.

      • Fed Up taxpayer

        Really Micheal Aycock ? Really ? Whomever is the leader at that church that this monster reports to should be held accountable and you need to wake up dude. It isn’t one kid or two, but several. Did nobody at your church notice or suspect anything at all prior to his arrest? I guess they were to busy making sure everyone gave 10% of their earnings ( oh and prior to taxes ) so they could be forgiven and get their ticket to heaven. Your so called leader was probably making sure that all his properties and nice cars were being cared for instead of the helpless children you people put in the basement of the church with this sick freak. Ain’t it illegal to have serpents in Alabama churches ? Come on man and quit making excuses for others. And btw I am praying for the kids of the church and the parents that have been misled by YOUR leaders ! Don’t call out truthteller, call out you so called preacher ! Join another church that lets the children be part of the congregation like it is suppose to be. Read the book dude !

      • outspokenjerk

        Fed Up taxpayer, I am just disgusted as you are that this monster did this to those children and to the community. But you are talking like an idiot. Quick history lesson: Have you ever heard of Dennis Rader? He is better known as the BTK killer. Until he was caught, he murdered 10 people between 1974 and 1991. On top of that, he was not arrested for said murders until 2005. He lived a life that no one knew about. His wife, his kids, his employer, and, hey, his church had no idea who he really was. For decades he fooled those around him while he murdered people as close as just a few houses down from his own home. Do you understand what I am trying to say here?! Sick people like that are not stupid people. They learn early on in life how to con and manipulate people and they learn how to hide who they really are. But YOU, being an expert on human behavior and all things “church” have got it figured out!! People like you make me sick!! If this guy was able to deceive his own wife and kids then how in the hell is anyone else supposed to read his mind?! So, according to your protocol, should the authorities hold his wife accountable?! She slept in the same bed with him, she knew him better than anyone, but yet she didn’t know him at all!! Shouldn’t she be the first to go down for being so blind?! Geez!! You’re a miracle!!! Don’t you think that if anyone would’ve had suspicions in the past, they would’ve spoke up?! You’re stupid for asking that question!! And to blame this on the “leaders” that you say misled the children and parents is very condemning considering that only one person was arrested for the crime reported. One more thing, you say you’re praying for these children and parents. Just who are you praying to? Because if you knew what the bible said you would not have said the things you did toward the church and towards the people therein. Get your head out of your own a** and read the book, DUDE!

      • Ben Vickers

        I think forcing any belief into the clean and innocent minds of children under the pretense of obedience and fear with smatterings of hope is abuse and all who participate in it should be charged.Too late for previous generations but as congregation numbers decline and as youth establish their roles much earlier, there is hope for autonomy of mind versus the types of collective madness that sets the stage for situations like this. I am hearing much more concern about saving reputations than the well-being of the victims. Does anyone for a second believe these are this guys only victims? Organized religion is a function to maintain order and likeness of thought and I enjoy watching people give it up to live like “good Christians” without feeling the need to wear it or say it.

    • Christy Winstead

      Please be careful when blaming the church. The church, any church, are made of all walks of life, imperfect just like you and me. This minister needs to be convicted to the full extent of the law. Please reconsider “not speaking” to those who attend there who are family,

      • Fed Up taxpayer

        Yes Christy, you are correct. I have no clue at all. I have just been winging it for the past four decades. I am just a long tooth loud mouth who likes to bash preachers and Baptist Churches. Can you find it in your soul to forgive me ? Tell me who to write the check out to so I can save my soul and where I need to be Sunday morning. Give me exact instructions please as I do not have a clue.

      • Christy Winstead

        Fed Up. I’m not a Baptist so I wouldn’t know where to tell you to write the check. I don’t know you and you don’t publish your name but from what I’ve read of your post I would have to stand in agreement with your description of who you are. Thanks

  • Cathy

    Have we learned nothing? If we do not learn from history we will continue to repeat it. After all the episodes of priests, teachers, scout leaders, etc., abusing children in their charge, we should know by now NOT to leave our children in the care of one person. There should ALWAYS be a rotation of other adults present. If a youth minister has a child/children with him/her, at least one other adult, parent, deacon, etc. should be present and not always the same person. It is a shame and disgrace that our society has reached this low level , but we must not ignore the danger. We must be proactive and remove all opportunity for such acts to occur.

    • Chris

      …and the parents too! We should never let fathers be alone with their children. We here too often how a father has behaved inappropriately with his child. We should never let parents be alone with their children ever again. The fact is, it’s not the priests or the teachers or the scout leaders. It is our spouses, our neighbors, our own parents, our own children. How many of us wouldn’t trust those closest to us to keep our children? Jeff Eddie is all of those people. He fooled us. He fooled us all. He fooled his wife, his children, his parents, his neighbors, his church, his entire community. The reality is, as much as we want to, we can not protect our kids from every danger they will face, all of the time. We have to teach our kids be aware of these dangers and know when they are being abused or are in danger. Even then, we are going to fail sometimes. We are going to miss something. Sometimes the wolf is dressed so well like a sheep, not 1 of the other sheep know he’s even around. Before we start to blame the parents and tell them what they should have done or what we would do, we should understand that sometimes the people you love most and trust most will hurt us. Regardless of how unbelievable it is.

      • Sue

        It is true that some who try can fool a lot of people especially when that is their goal. If they are set out to do harm they are very good at what they do. Church is the one place they target a lot for the obvious reasons- the congregations are trusting and the kids are there. The parents will think it is ok to let be with a preacher, deacon, teacher or whomever is part of the church. It isn’t like they are a stranger off the street. Truth is they are strangers sometimes but you see them in the church all the time and it does’t occur to you that a safe haven like a church is a place that can be dangerous. These predators know that is what the parents are thinking. In any other place you might second guess what looks suspicious or odd. No one wants to accuse someone from church because it is too unbelievable in their mind. Truth is that is why they are not caught. at all or not for a long time. I am sure they tell the kids no one would believe them and unfortunately a lot of people woul not. To use a church to do disgusting things to children and ruin their lives is outrageous and unforgiveable!!! These predators who prey on children will always be a danger and should be away from society forever.

  • 2m

    I went to school with the guy some 27 years ago. He molested a young lady in the baseball dug out then. There was nothing done about it by the school of sheriff dept. I noticed his pictures on his face book page and there she is. One of his first victims

  • Regina Moss Woolley

    He should be left in jail. Look at all the lives he has affected, first the children the families and the church family a a whole. He has obviously done this his whole life, maybe some of his earlier victims will come forward now as well. God Bless these children as they try to cope with what has happened to them. You would think your children would be safe at church.

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