Facebook Answers Father’s Plea to See His Dead Son’s Look Back Video

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(WHNT/PIX 11 News) – You’ve probably seen the mourning father’s plea to Facebook to see his deceased son’s biggest moments. Now, Facebook has answered that plea.

John Berlin of St. Louis, Mo., uploaded a video to YouTube this week, making a plea to Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team to gain access to his son’s Facebook look back video. His son, Jesse Berlin, 22, passed away on January 28, 2012. The video went viral on social media and WHNT News 19’s sister station, PIX11 News, helped connect the father and Facebook.

In the 1 minute, 24 second video titled “My appeal to Facebook,” John Berlin fights back tears as he explains why he is sharing the video.

The 62-second “look back” video notes the year you joined Facebook, then shows a handful of your most-liked posts and a seemingly random selection of your photos — all set to instrumental music. To see yours, go to Facebook.com/lookback.

Facebook spokesman Jonathan Thaw said, “We have people working on it now.” Thaw says the Facebook team has contacted Berlin and his wishes were being granted.

“The video will be ready either tonight or tomorrow morning,” said Thaw.

Read the full story at PIX 11 News.


  • Tammie Mars

    I am guessing this is why so many FaceBook accounts of the deceased are still active. No one can get on them to shut them down. I have several friends who have passed away in the last few years. They still have active FaceBook accounts and their Birthdays still pop up every year . I am happy that Mr. Berlin is getting his wish.

  • Gwen Baggett

    Many organizations would have had the narrow-minded attitude that “If we do it for you, we’ll have to do it for everyone.” KUDOS to FB for eschewing that position and not only embracing the opportunity to bless this man, but for also considering it for others as a way of memorializing the deceased. My opinion of FB has just improved ten-fold.

  • Renee Pace

    This article was posted to my facebook page. My Son passed away
    Jan 3, 2014. I sure would like to see my son Wil’s moments too.

    • Christine Ruggiero

      Please do as the man did! Don’t be silent anymore open your heart and speak your truth and it shall be done . Godspeed!
      Good luck~


  • tracy

    My daughter passed away in October 13. She and her twin brother, along with a co worker (who also was killed) were in a terrible crash with a semi while on their way to work. I would love to see her video. I’ve contacted fb. Hopefully with this dad paving the way, we may get to see this happen. I pray so.

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