Self Stirring Mug a Deal

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I know what you are thinking.

Are we, in this culture, to the point we don't want to even stir a cup of coffee if we don't want to stir a cup of coffee?

That is a loaded question with many layers to peel pack before the answer.

And before I address the answer, I will tell you I did a "180" on this.

I thought the whole thing was silly.

But after checking out the product, I made it a Deal.

Here is why....

If you are going to work or getting the kids to school. You can dump all your dairy products and sugar in the cup, and then head to the car.  When it's safe you can then hit the button which activates the stirrer.

The stirrer, combined with the top for travelling, convinced me this is a cool product.

It does take two Triple-A batteries.

I thought the Self Stirring Mug worked pretty well and is good product.

It cost $12.99.

You can buy them from You can also get them at


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