Creationism, Science Clash During CNN Debate

Bill Nye at Tuesday's debate. (Image Credit: CNN)

Bill Nye at Tuesday's debate. (Image Credit: CNN)

Science educator Bill Nye, right, faced off against creationist Ken Ham in a debate Tuesday night.
The debate was moderated by CNN’s Tom Foreman and lasted just under two hours. It was streamed live on Bill Nye and Ken Ham later joined Piers Morgan on his program to offer additional insights and further reaction.

Touted as an evolution versus creationism discussion, talking points included everything from the biblical timeline to the “big bang” to extreme weather that is quickly becoming commonplace around the world.

“You cannot tie any one event to climate change,” Nye, popularly known as “Bill Nye the Science Guy” stressed in the Piers Morgan appearance, “But interestingly enough, there is new statistical evidence… that extreme heat events can be tied to climate change. So that when more heat energy is in the atmosphere, you expect more storms.”

Ham then looked to clarify his position on Global Warming:

“I didn’t say I believe in global warming,” noted the CEO of “Answers in Genesis.”

Click here for a full recap of some of the key talking points during Tuesday night’s debate.

You can also click below to watch the debate in full:


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