Affordable Care Act Could Cause Substitute Teacher Shortage

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)– It’s a problem that most school systems face, finding enough qualified substitute teachers.

“That’s difficult in itself to find the subs that we need,” says Marshall County School Superintendent Tim Nabors.   “Of course we would love to have certified subs.  But sometimes that’s difficult to obtain.”

Nabors says it could get worse next school year as the system becomes subject to the rules of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as the President calls it.

The law says anyone working more than 30 hours a week for the same employer must be offered health care benefits.   That would apply to substitute teachers.

“When they can only work so many hours a week, it puts an even bigger burden on us,” Nabors says.  “If those subs, if we have to have them, they work over that, we either have to offer them insurance or have to pay a fine, which of course hurts us.”

Nabors says it could be even worse if a teacher has to be away for weeks at a time.

“If you have maternity leaves or if you’ve got someone that’s sick and has to be out an extended period of time you don’t want to bring two different teachers in.”

Nabors says right now they don’t know how they will get around the problem.   He says there is already a lack of bus driver substitutes.   He says there are only six qualified subs to cover 70 bus routes.

Nabors says they don’t know what they will do but says there is no way the cash strapped system can provide benefits to substitutes.





    • Branko Pezdi

      Eh? Do you not know the meaning of the word “substitute”? Why on earth should a substitute teacher be paid an annual full time salary merely to fill in occasionally for an original full time teacher who sometimes is unable to show up for work? Is this another example of your incisive economics expertise?

      • Wake Up

        They should be hired full-time because it is obvious that their “occasional” need exceeds 30 hours a week. Just because they are called “substitute” teachers does not mean they are any less valuable or work any fewer hours. They just work those hours in different schools on different days.

  • Penny

    I am a substitute teacher in Dekalb County and I am not certified. I love the school I work for as they love me too. I have Medical Insurance through the military and I don’t see why it should matter how many hours I work. I already have the insurance. Gonna be hard to find subs that teachers can trust.

    • Subldr


      I created a petition to Eveny Pagan, Superintendent, Dr. Julia Presley, BOE President, and 4 others which says:

      ” We work as substitute teachers for the Franklin school district. Our salary of $110 per diem has been reduced to 85 dollars while teacher salaries have increased each year. We demand that the administration rescind the rate reduction and restore to a flat rate of $110 with planned raises as teacher salaries increase.”

      Will you sign this petition? Click here:



  • Branko Pezdi

    “Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as the President calls it.”

    Nope. Obama calls it the “Affordable” Care Act not Obamacare, as the liar he is.

  • mikey g.

    the law only makes seem like more jobs are being created. when in doubt it’s only hurting the one’s working by cutting their hours even more. most sub’s are ok with the part-time status. there should be some wavier that could be signed not wanting the full-time benifits in order to work the hours needed. this law was not fully thunk of…

      • Bill

        You guys should take heart to everything wakeup tells you ,because as all of us know wakeup is an expert ,on ALL subjects. the all knowing and all seeing wakeup!

      • Branko Pezdi

        James, this is the real world, not your liberal world of made up “facts”. Here are the numbers from the BLS for percentage of part time workers compared to all workers in the U.S. from 1990 thru 2013. To save space, these are the numbers for 5-year intervals:

        1990 16.9%
        1995 18.6%
        2000 16.8%
        2005 17.4%
        2010 19.7%
        2013 19.2%

        One doesn’t need my 22 years of technical education and 33 years of hi tech experience to understand the trend here but apparently even elementary graph reading is beyond your ideologically brainwashed capabilities. This trend, by the way, will accelerate explosively as Obamacare kicks in. God spare us your “humanity”.

      • Branko Pezdi

        THIS is your “evidence”? An article by an ADMITTED left winger who is skilled at presenting a graph he can’t even read? If you see a downtrend in that graph over a 1 or 5 year time span you are as blind as that author. Here, take a look at this graph of 25 years which takes data directly from the BLS:

        You can also find the same graph/data for full employment. Then go work the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet to figure out percentage of part time vs all jobs. (I’m sure I’m giving you too much credit here, assuming you can work with Excel).

        A one or three month dip such as shown in the Forbes article is NOT a trend. Notice how the author completely ignores the effects of the precipitous drop in the labor participation rate since Obama took office, another convenient FACT you left wingers ignore. Furthermore, Obamacare has not kicked in yet for EMPLOYERS due to Obama’s unconstitutional abrogation of his own law. Why didn’t your Forbes author mention that? Contrary to the lie this author makes that rabid “right wingers” are claiming that the number of part time jobs HAS increased due to Obamacare, this is not the claim at all. The claim – intuitively obvious – is that Obamacare WILL cause and is CURRENTLY causing an increase in part time jobs AND, by the way, cause a decrease in ALL jobs. Have you noticed the CBO’s latest report, which states this precisely? Now the spin from you Obamabots is that a decrease in employment is good for the country! Your abject absurdity truly has no bounds, how absolutely pathetic.

  • Tim

    Yet another example of how Obamacare is hurting people and kids. Its already failed ! Liberalism is a mental disorder….Just look at the drones…

    • Branko Pezdi

      No, Time, liberalism is not a severe mental disorder because this implies insanity and thus no accountability. Let’s call the kettle black, shall we? Liberalism is deliberate and therefore it is EVIL in exactly the same way that Stalinism and Maoism, two of the consummate examples of liberalism, were.

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