Huber Charged With Mother’s Murder

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - A new development in the story of the man who tried to escape police by climbing under the Decatur river bridge. His daughter has now been charged with the murder of her mother. Kristina Huber has been in custody since her mother was shot and killed on January 5th.

Her father, James Huber, kept officers at bay for almost 6 hours in the freezing cold by clinging to the super- structure under the Hudson Memorial Bridge. That, after leading officers on a high speed chase during which a number of gunshots were fired.

A lot of twists and turns in this story thus far. Melissa Huber was shot to death on January 5th. On the 25th, her husband James took refuge from police under the river bridge. And today, the couple's daughter is charged with murder.

Melissa Huber was found shot to death at the home near Somerville she shared with her husband and daughter. Investigators tell us her husband James became so distraught as the events unfolded, he had to be physically restrained.

Sheriff Ana Franklin says the couple's daughter, 23-year-old Kristina, was almost immediately identified as the primary suspect in the killing. Sheriff Franklin says Kristina Huber was seen running from the area just after the shooting. She was later found at a neighbor's house and asked investigators if her mother had been shot in the heart before being told what had happened.

Investigators questioned her at the scene before they took her into custody on unrelated charges. Kristina Huber has been held at the Morgan County Jail since that time. She remains in jail under a 250-thousand dollar bond. Her father, James, faces 2 counts of attempted murder after shooting at police officers during the high speed chase just two weeks after the death of his wife.

Sheriff Franklin says Kristina Huber had a history of problems. She believes the shooting came about as plans were being made for her to go into a drug rehab program.

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