How Facebook changed how we talk, plus some cool infographics


(CNN) – “I’m gonna tag you in this hideous photo and then unfriend you if you don’t stop oversharing and poking me.”

If you said this to someone 10 years ago, they’d look at you like you were speaking Klingon. Nowadays, you just sound like an active user of social media.

This is how much Facebook has changed how we talk. In the decade since its birth in February 2004, the social network has introduced numerous terms and phrases to the language of modern life.

Most are common words that Facebook refitted with new meanings. Some have stuck, while others have been forgotten. A few have even been recognized by dictionaries as official pieces of the 21st century lexicon.

To see nine of the most memorable words, click here.

To see some cool infographics showing the status of Facebook after 10 years, click here.

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