Woman Says She Visited Heaven

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ALTUS, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman said she spent nine minutes in heaven as she flatlined during a medical procedure.

Crystal McVea told KFOR-TV that it happened on Dec. 10th 2009 after she was admitted for a routine medical procedure.

An adverse reaction to medication sent the small town teacher and mother of four from Altus, Oklahoma into cardiac arrest.

Medical records have confirmed she flatlined, and she said she experienced heaven in this nine minute span of time.

“The moment my eyes closes there He was, two angels to my left, the most glorious tunnel of light that I could ever describe,” she said.

McVea said that prior to her experience, she had always questioned the authenticity of God and heaven.

“I made up my mind. There were two choices. One, God was real and He didn’t love me, or two, there was no God. And I would hold that doubt in my life until the day I died,” she said.

Some people have said her story contradicts scripture and others have said it’s merely an oxygen-starved brain causing hallucinations.

McVea has written a book about her experience, a New York Times bestseller called “Waking Up in Heaven: A True Story of Brokenness, Heaven, and Life Again.”

To read more and see her story: http://link.kfor.com/1ke1QGw

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  • Shelley R Jones

    I have no doubt that Crystal McVea visited Heaven because I definitely believe in God and He can do anything, including making unbelievers become believers. I’ve never visited Heaven but there has been many times in my life that a voice from Heaven spoke to me. I also believe that that voice spoke to me many more times but I did not hear it simply because I was not listening. I was not tuned-in to God and I was not waiting for Him to show me or tell me His plans for my life. To the unbelievers I would say that I would rather have God and not need Him than to need God and not have Him.

  • Terri

    When I was eight years old I have my very last seizure the last one I could remember I used to have several of them prior to this last one but I remember seeing a light in a tunnel beautiful landscape and I had two options one was to take his hand enjoying the heavens or to continue to still stay in the world and I’m still in this world! It’s an unforgettable experience and I didn’t have medications nor was I being brought back to life!

  • greg rogers

    I absolutely believe her story.I experienced the same type
    Thing in November 2013 when I flatined as well.

  • Kenneth Reed

    If she came back saying god told her that all Christians should start killing non-believers, would you still believe her? Trusting in all mighty, unquestionable, invisible being is very dangerous. As Hitchens said ” Religion poisons everything”.

    • Branko Pezdi

      The danger is not so much in trusting in an almighty, unquestionable, invisible being as it is in claiming to speak for him (or she or it). Witness the comments here.

  • preacher

    Christianity is NOT “religion” Kenneth. It is a PERSONAL relationship with Jesus Christ. Religion will send you to Hell. Read Psalm 14:1 Kenneth. It speaks directly to you. Also, read Psalm 9:17. Amen…

  • Chris Wilson

    Kenneth Reed, I can see how a non believer like yourself would instill great fear in your mind with all of the dangerous scripture written in the Bible. God forbid we were to attempt something so dangerous and terrifying like, “Love Thy Neighbor”…, oh, the humanity…..what a tool…good grief…

  • selaws

    ALL GLORY TO GOD!!! I hate to contradict but there is something God cannot do and that something is, God cannot lie! Read & research for yourself anyone who wants an answer about death and the dead. (Even for 9 minutes.) The Bible says: Ecclesiastes 9:5. It states the dead know Nothing. As complicated as it my be its as simple as that. I believe God and I believe the Bible. For thoese of you who believe the New York Times Bestseller “Waking Up In Heaven ” A True Story… be my guest. For me The BIBLE is the Real True Story!!! May God bless Crystal McVea and everyone!

  • Lee

    I don’t believe she woke up in heaven. The bible clearly teaches that the only way to heaven is to trust fully in Jesus Christ to get you there. From her comments it appears she didn’t even know if God was real so how could she be trusting in Jesus if she if she didn’t even know if there was a God. Therefore had she have died and woke up it wouldn’t have been in heaven. Does that mean she did or didn’t see anything? No. It means that she wasn’t in heaven

  • readthemall

    I don’t know if the story is true or not. However, I read the book. It is an inspiring, poignant and well written book. You will be enthralled from the first page. If you don’t feel humbled and shameful yet utterly comforted I would be surprised.

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