Kids to Love: Crystal

WARNING!  We have a cutie that will melt your heart with her smile!  Crystal is six and in the

“1ST grade” she says.

Lee asks “Can you sing your ABC’s for me?”

Crystal gives a big smile and starts singing  “A-B-C…”

“What do you like about school?” Lee asks

“When we eat snacks’ Crystal answers

‘What kind of snacks?’ Lee asks

“Apples” Crystal answers

“Do you like green apples, yellow apples or red apples?” Lee asks

“Red apples” Crystal answers

“Do you like you apples with the peel on or peel off?” Lee asks

“Off” Crystal answers

Crystal loves peanut butter with her apples.  She also likes Dora and playing Candyland.

“What's your favorite kind of food?” Lee asks

“Spaghetti, macaroni and cheese” Crystal answers

Crystal’s favorite colors are purple and pink.

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