Garrison Commander on Future Gate Changes: “I don’t anticipate it.”

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) — Garrison Commander Colonel Bill Marks told WHNT News 19 that he understands the frustration behind the closing of Gate 8.

“It’s not something that sits well in my home,” said Col. Marks. “It’s a gate that I use frequently and it has caused me to change my morning route as well as all my neighbors on the base.”

With budget cuts hitting the Department of Defense, Col. Marks said he is mindful of what changes could be in the future for other gates. “I can’t rule anything out, I don’t anticipate it,” he said. “We will work the best we can to try to avoid that.”

Col. Marks told WHNT News 19 that if we continue to gradually reduce our force, closing more gates would be something he might have to consider. “It’s not a fore drawn conclusion, because I think that we’re working with the very best staff we have to look at those things and provide innovative solutions to this,” he said.

If Redstone Arsenal had to go to that measure, Colonel Marks said closing other gates would be a last resort.

“It’d be something that I would communicate well in advance,” he said. “It would not surprise any of us. If we came to that, we would want to provide the predictability not only to our workforce but to our neighboring communities as well.”


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